Photo source: Baptist Message

Photo source: Baptist Message

LFF OPPOSES SCR 2 by Sen. J.P. Morell (D New Orleans) and the ratification of the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment. This dangerous resolution, which could codify a right to abortion into the U.S. Constitution, will be heard as early as next week.

It is important that your State Senator hears from you today! Click here to find your Senator and urge them to VOTE NO on SCR2!

How does this amendment ERAse women’s’ progress?

  1. ERA would codify a federal right to abortion into the constitution.

  2. Every pro-life law on the books in Louisiana and across the nation would be in jeopardy, including restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortion.

  3. ERA would empower the federal courts to re-define “sex” beyond biology.

  4. Biological sex at birth will be re-negotiated giving sexual politics constitutional status.

  5. ERA threatens fundamental religious freedom.

  6. People who disagree with new gender definitions and want to live out their faith peacefully could be subject to criminal penalties. Church tax exempt status would be in jeopardy over policies and practices regarding all-male clergy.

  7. ERA jeopardizes privacy and safety.

  8. By removing traditional gender norms like separate bathrooms, locker rooms, hospital and nursing home rooms, women’s shelters and other private spaces will be integrated.

  9. ERA would integrate prisons and require that women be assigned to military combat.

  10. ERA would do away with separate women and men’s sports teams.

Laws that prohibit discrimination based on sex already exist in the 5th and 14th amendment as well as federal and state anti-discrimination laws. Under these protections, we continue to make progress when issues come to light.

The legal deadline to ratify the ERA was 37 years ago. Call your Senator and/or email them and let them know that Louisiana celebrates women, and not to ERAse the progress we have made. Urge them to VOTE NO on SCR2!

Click here! Find your Senator and urge them to VOTE NO on SCR2!

Posted on May 7, 2019 and filed under Louisiana.