LCCM Announces Endorsements for Fall Elections


Continues Plan for Conservative Senate and Solidifying Conservative House

BATON ROUGE, LA - The Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority announces new endorsements for legislatives races to be decided in the 2019 fall elections. Those endorsements are:

Heather Cloud, Senate District 28

Robert Mills, Senate District 36

Stewart Cathey Jr., Senate District 33

Senator Beth Mizell, Senate District 12

Mike Reese, Senate District 30

Reggie Bagala, House District 54

Daryl Deshotel, House District 28

Rick Edmonds, House District 66

Michael Echols, House District 14

The Louisiana Coalition for a Conservative Majority (LCCM) previously LCRM, the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority, has had a powerful impact on the Louisiana Legislature, helping turn what was once Democrat-held chambers into strong Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate. LCCM raised $3.7 million over the previous two cycles and has raised over $1.25 million this cycle. 

Last year LCCM made early endorsements in the following State Senate races:

State Representative Cameron Henry, Senate District 9

State Representative Kirk Talbot, Senate District 10

State Representative Reid Falconer, Senate District 11

Businessman Michael Fesi, Senate District 20 

Now is the time that LCCM plans to hold conservatives accountable. With its most recent round of endorsements, LCCM will build on previous wins of LCCM supported candidates this cycle, now Representatives John Stefanski, Raymond Crews, Mike Johnson, and Chris Turner. Additionally, LCCM submarined a surging Democrat turned Independent in St. Tammany, assisting in electing now Representative Mark Wright. 

Posted on July 10, 2019 and filed under Louisiana.