LCCM Releases Support for Conservative Members

Recognizes sitting members for their continued support of conservative values


BATON ROUGE, LA – In anticipation of the 2019 election cycle, The Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority (LCCM) recognizes current members of the Louisiana legislature that are running for re-election and have been supportive of conservative values throughout their tenure in the legislature. Those members are:

  • Representative Alan Seabaugh, House District 5

  • Representative Larry Bagley, House District 7

  • Representative Raymond Crews, House District 8

  • Representative Dodie Horton, House District 9

  • Representative Wayne McMahen, House District 10

  • Representative Chris Turner, House District 12

  • Representative Jack McFarland, House District 13

  • Representative Lance Harris, House District 25

  • Representative Mike Johnson, House District 27

  • Representative Stephen Dwight, House District 35

  • Representative Julie Emerson, House District 39

  • Representative Phillip DeViller, House District 41

  • Representative John Stefanski, House District 42

  • Representative Stuart Bishop, House District 43

  • Representative Jean-Paul Coussan, House District 45

  • Representative Mike Huval, House District 46

  • Representative Ryan Bourriaque, House District 47

  • Representative Blake Miquez, House District 49

  • Representative Beryl Amedee, House District 51

  • Representative Jerome Zeringue, House District 52

  • Representative Tanner Magee, House District 53

  • Representative Greg Miller, House District 56

  • Representative Tony Bacala, House District 59

  • Representative Valarie Hodges, House District 64

  • Representative Barry Ivey, House District 65

  • Representative Paula Davis, House District 69

  • Representative Mark Wright, House District 77

  • Representative Polly Thomas, House District 80

  • Representative Clay Schexnayder, House District 81

  • Representative Nicholas Muscarello, House District 86

  • Representative Mary DuBuisson, House District 90

  • Representative Sherman Mack, House District 95

  • Representative Ray Garofalo, House District 103

  • Representative Paul Hollis, House District 104

  • Representative Chris Leopold, House District 105

  • Senator Neil Riser, House District 20

The Louisiana Coalition for a Conservative Majority (LCCM) previously LCRM, the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority, has had a powerful impact on the Louisiana Legislature, helping turn what was once Democrat-held chambers into strong Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate. LCCM raised $3.7 million over the previous two cycles and has raised over another $1.25 Million this cycle. 

Now is the time that LCCM plans to hold conservatives accountable. With its most recent round of endorsements, LCCM will build on previous wins of LCCM supported candidates, now Representatives John Stefanski, Raymond Crews, Mike Johnson, and Chris Turner. Additionally, LCCM submarined a surging Democrat turned Independent in St. Tammany, assisting in electing now Representative Mark Wright. 

Posted on July 30, 2019 and filed under Louisiana, Republicans.