LOGPAC Endorses Luci Sposito for Lafourche Parish President

Photo source: LOGA

Photo source: LOGA

BATON ROUGE, LA (August 19, 2019) - Today, the Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC), the political of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association, issued their endorsement of Luci Sposito in her bid for Lafouche Parish President.

“The oil and gas industry is vital to the health of our coastal communities,” said Gifford Briggs, Executive Director of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee. “Luci will be a champion for the oil and gas industry and fight to create an environment in which the industry can succeed as it once did. Mrs. Sposito has been a fantastic voice for our industry on the parish council and we look forward to her bringing that passion for oil and gas jobs and families to the role of Parish President.”

For more information about Mrs. Sposito and her race for Lafourche Parish President, visit her website at lucisposito.com.

About the Louisiana Oil And Gas Political Action Committee:

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) is the political arm of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association. LOGPAC exists due to businesses facing constant threats posed by litigation, over regulation, and excessive taxation. To protect against such threats, the oil and gas industry needs a large, efficient and unified representation to make their voices heard. LOGPAC looks to support candidates and legislators that celebrate Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. If you would like to learn about LOGPAC’s endorsements for the highly anticipated 2019 elections, be sure and visit GeauxElections.com.

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