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Sen. Bill Cassidy Chastises Protester for Using Children as Political Props

Photo source: Gossipela

Photo source: Gossipela

Alethea Torrellas Shapiro had been using her children regularly to harass senators, such as Sen. Bill Cassidy, on Capitol Hill. According to the Daily Caller, Shapiro is “an activist who calls extremist feminist activist Linda Sarsour her hero and regularly goes on profanity-laced tirades against GOP senators like Chuck Grassley.”

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Sen. Bill Cassidy Handles Another Liberal Regarding Kavanaugh

Photo source: Long Room

Photo source: Long Room

As captured in the below video, another liberal is in the face of a conservative member of the US Senate, this time our own, Sen. Bill Cassidy.

However, rather than cowering like Jeff Flake did, in the video below, Sen. Cassidy bravely defended his decision to support Kavanaugh and defended the judge’s good name, which has been smeared throughout this process by the Democrats.

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Kennedy comments on Kavanaugh allegation

Photo source: The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

“The confirmation process is over. It’s over! I mean, we are violating senate protocol to do this, and precedent. But we were unanimous in thinking that we ought to,” Kennedy said.

The vote was scheduled for Thursday, but Ford’s accusations — that Kavanaugh drunkenly pinned her down and molested her during a high-school party more than three decades ago — delayed the timeline. Kennedy said he’s prepared to move forward with a scheduled public hearing Monday about Ford’s accusations, although she’s now instead requested the FBI look into her claims before she testifies publicly.

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KENNEDY: Kavanaugh Hearings an “Intergalactic Freak Show”

Photo source: Daily Wire

Photo source: Daily Wire

Sen. John Kennedy called the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh “an intergalactic freak show” and said he was embarrassed for Congress by the accusations of sexual misconduct leveled at the Supreme Court nominee.

 “So far, it’s pretty much been an intergalactic freak show,” Kennedy, R-La., told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “Most Americans are looking at this – most mainstream Americans – and they’re thinking that Congress has hit rock bottom and started to dig.”

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