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Audio of Cleo Fields Endorsing John Bel Edwards

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

This blog has found audio evidence of John Bel Edwards being endorsed by Cleo "Cash-Stuffing" Fields by robocall in the Baton Rouge area.  This comes out a day after Cajun Conservatism posted photos of push cards being passed out with similar information regarding Fields and Rep. "Honor Code" John Bel Edwards.

Rep. "Honor Code" has been touting his education and military service at West Point for election as governor.  His service should be commended, but it is no longer needed.  Saturday's election is too important to elect another Obama sycophant and we need to elect a true conservative, David Vitter.

Posted on November 19, 2015 and filed under John Bel Edwards, David Vitter, Louisiana.

Rep. "Honor Code" Gets Caught in Another Lie

In a piece written by The Advocate on November 15, John Bel Edwards' campaign stated that he is not receiving any assistance from "cash stuffing" Cleo Fields.  As you remember, Fields was caught on federal surveillance cameras stuffing $20,000 into his pockets, but never explained the video surveillance.

Per the piece, Rep. "Honor Code" has said that Fields was a guest of someone else.

Well, it turns out that Edwards is not entirely honest.  I know, shocking coming from an Obama liberal Democrat.

Sen. David Vitter's campaign has unearthed a 30 second second ad with Fields endorsing Rep. "Honor Code".

“We need to elect a governor who cares about the people of our state and will put the people’s interests over his own ambition,” says Fields. “We need John Bel Edwards as our next governor.”

The ad ends with Edwards’ recorded voice saying that his campaign paid for the ad.

Also, the below mail piece with Fields prominently in place has been sent out:

I'm not really sure, but it appears to me that Rep. "Honor Code" is not living up to the rhetoric he's claiming in his commercials.  But, as previously pointed out, what do you expect from an Obama sycophant.