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Buddy Caldwell Has a History of Intimidation and Threats

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

A video released by Jeff Landry's campaign highlights intimidation efforts made by Buddy Caldwell while District Attorney in the 6th District.  The video can be found herewhich features Dan Kyle speaking of a meeting with Caldwell before he was elected to Attorney General in which Caldwell threatened Kyle for a report that highlighted improper expenses related to his office.

Landry's campaign released the following in an email release regarding this video:

A few years back, Mr. Caldwell was caught by the Legislative Auditor for abusing his local elected office by using your tax dollars to pay for personal expenditures. If that wasn’t bad enough, he took things a step further.

Mr. Caldwell aggressively confronted the Legislature’s Official Auditor, in what the Auditor and others described as a hostile manner. He used intimidation in an attempt to scare the Auditor from releasing his findings.

We have a bully and a long time Democrat that currently sits in the Attorney General's office that is the last vestige of the "good ol' boy" network in Louisiana.  It's time for Louisiana to elect a conservative to lead the fight against the liberal agenda of the federal government.  It's time to elect Jeff Landry.

Posted on November 16, 2015 and filed under Jeff Landry, Louisiana.