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Boustany Says Democrats’ Misguided Sit-In ‘Misses the Point’

Photo source: Flickr  

Photo source: Flickr  

(Washington, DC) – Dr. Charles Boustany released the following statement as House Democrats held a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives to protest lack of action on gun control measures after the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month.

Boustany said: “The Democrats gutted the military, tied the hands of the intelligence community, and deny the murderous nature of radical Islam, but they still blame the Constitution for terrorism. This sit-in shows the Democrats haven’t just missed the point on this issue; they’re not even playing in the same ballpark. Louisiana families have lost their jobs, their healthcare, and now their security is at risk because of the policies of this President and congressional Democrats.

“Why won’t they sit-in to lower healthcare costs, reform the tax code, and get our economy moving again? The people of Louisiana are waiting for an answer.”

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It appears that our own Louisiana son, Tim McGraw, has stepped into a veritable buzz-saw with him appearing at what many in the gun-rights circles have called a "gun control fundraiser."  Twitter was abuzz with 2nd Amendment supporters decrying McGraw taking part in a fundraiser for a Sandy Hook group, which was formed after the shooting that took place there back in 2012.

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