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“We have all the ingredients to make Louisiana a great state.

Let’s make it happen.

New Iberia- Local small business owner and community leader, Beau Beaullieu (Republican), has announced that he will become a candidate for the open seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives, District 48.

“Now is the time for effective solutions and conservative leadership in Baton Rouge. We have talked about ridding the state of good ole boy politicians for years, but have yet to set this state on the right path. Effective governance, that understands fiscal responsibility will dig us out. I’ve got my shovel and I’m ready to get to work,” Beaullieu said.

A life-long resident of Iberia Parish, Beau is a graduate of Catholic High School (New Iberia), LSU where he received a degree in Finance and UL Lafayette where he received a Master of Business Administration. Beau has made it his life’s work to build secure financial futures for thousands in south Louisiana and he’s ready to take that mindset to the state capitol.  He was the 2018 recipient of the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce Civic Service Award, named Kiwanian of the Year in 2017 and one of Acadiana’s Top 20 under 40 in 2014.

Beaullieu stated, “My entire life, I’ve seen firsthand the spirit and work ethic of the people here in District 48. Through the years, they’ve inspired me with their resilience.  I’ve worked hand-in-hand with them to help make our home a better place to live, work and play. We have all the ingredients to make Louisiana a great state for our children and grandchildren to prosper. I’m up for the challenge to bring that vision and those values to Baton Rouge – let’s make it happen.”

If elected, Beau will focus on reducing the size of government, improving our business climate by slashing unnecessary regulations and red tape, reinvesting in education and workforce training, protecting innocent life at all stages, standing up for our constitutional rights and bring solutions to address our infrastructure needs.

Beau is married to Kaci Smith Beaullieu; together they have four children: Mary-Alizabeth, Emma, Beau and Thomas. The Beaullieu’s are parishioners at Sacred Heart of Jesus where Beau is a lector and has served on the Church Parish Council.

For years, Beau’s lifelong ambition has been to make Louisiana and Acadiana a place all of our children can be proud to call home.  As an effective leader in the community Beau is a Board Member for the Iberia Cultural Resources Association, former Board Member of the Acadiana Red Cross, Charter Member and former Chairman of the Iberia Parish Foundation, former Board Member of the Iberia Chamber of Commerce, member and Past President of the New Iberia Kiwanis Club, former Chairman of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Council and the Knights of Columbus Council No. 11793 among others.

House District 48 includes portions of Iberia, Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes. The seat is being vacated by Speaker Taylor Barras due to term limits. Election Day is Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Open Letter to Governor John Bel Edwards - Hand Delivered to Governor Edwards on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Third Special Session starts June 18th


Louisiana House Republicans

Sponsored ⋅ Paid for by Louisiana House Republican Delegation ·

Governor Edwards,

On behalf of the Republican Delegation of the Louisiana House of Representatives and the millions of Louisiana residents we represent, we ask that you put careful consideration into the scope and inclusions of your call for our third extraordinary session of 2018 to include structural budgetary reform and cost savings measures in lieu of taxes alone.

While it is your right as the chief executive of the state to set the agenda for any special legislative session that you call, we ask that you consider the results of the two previous special sessions and know that our constituents continue to resoundingly tell us that state government should live within its means.

We agree in the necessity of funding our essential priorities. We also believe that it is necessary to enact transparent budgeting and spending policies and reduce the size of state government.

We sincerely hope that you will consider supporting and including the following bipartisan solutions in your call. To ask for taxes without reform could very well yield a similar result to previous attempts at the same.

- Sign SB13 (Ward) - The Louisiana Checkbook.

- Reconsider HB12 & HB15 from the first special session of 2018 (Barras) - Provides for changes in the expenditure limit calculation.

- Give the legislative auditor the authority to audit the records of any state agency for the purpose of auditing programs that expend taxpayer funds and ensuring legal compliance.

Before we enact yet another tax, it is imperative that the taxpayers see that you are willing to allow the legislature the ability to identify areas of waste, fraud, and abuse in addition to allowing for a transparent and savings-minded approach to government spending.

We remain committed to the principles our constituents sent us to Baton Rouge to stand for. We also believe our constituents expect us to work for solutions that ensure Louisiana government funds its critical priorities, as demonstrated by our continued efforts to meet you more than half-way. We remain committed to working in good faith for the betterment of Louisiana.

Gonsoulin Announces Candidacy for Louisiana House Seat

Photo source: YouTube 

Photo source: YouTube 

Ricky Gonsoulin, New Iberia resident and Iberia Parish Councilman, has announced via YouTube his intentions to seek the Louisiana House Seat in District 48. The seat is currently being held by Speaker of the House, Taylor Barras, who is term limited. 

Rob Maness Announces Candidacy for District 77 House Seat in Louisiana


Madisonville, Louisiana - This morning, St, Tammany business owner, former Fortune 500 business executive, and retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, announced that he is a Republican candidate for the open District 77 seat Louisiana House of Representatives recently vacated by Representative John Schroder.

Maness said, “Baton Rouge is broken; there aren’t enough experienced, successful leaders there that can fix it. I have the proven leadership to change things. That is why I am running for the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Sadly, most of those at the Capitol went there for the wrong reasons and want to preserve the status quo. I will go to Baton Rouge to stand up and work hard to actually change things. The people of Louisiana’s District 77 have my word: I will never stop fighting, I'll never back down, and I'll never give in to lobbyists or even party leadership when its time to do what's right. It's clear that sending a Republican to Baton Rouge is not enough, we must send leaders that will not give in to the special interests.

St Tammany Parish is the greatest place in the world to raise a family. That's why the Maness family lives here. However, we see our neighbors' children forced to move to other states for opportunity because the high taxes and lack of progress in Baton Rouge is killing jobs.  I am running to serve as District 77 State Representative to ensure that our son and our neighbors' children can find the opportunities and prosperity in St Tammany Parish that many are now forced to leave to find.

“I’ll stand strong and work hard with everyone to restore our economic climate so new jobs won’t pass Louisiana by. Its high time we put St Tammany families first and ensure our children’s future. The status-quo of taking money from our pockets by raising taxes to fix problems won't create the opportunities our children deserve - I will go to Baton Rouge to change that.”

For Louisiana, press inquiries contact Maness Press at 985-218-0135.


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Boustany Can Lead on Corporate Tax Reform

Photo source: US House

Photo source: US House

Oil & gas and manufacturing jobs could be the first to leave Louisiana and the U.S. altogether if we don’t reform our corporate tax rates. We already have a 35 percent corporate tax rate in the U.S. – the highest in the developed world – and in order to keep companies here, we need to implement common sense corporate tax reform.

Andy Puzder writes a good column about the problems and why we need to reform corporate tax.

Louisiana’s own Congressman Charles Boustany is well positioned to take the lead on this issue as a senior member of the U.S. House tax writing committee.

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Rep. Mike Johnson Seeks 4th Congressional Seat

Photo source: YouTube  

Photo source: YouTube  

Republican Mike Johnson, Louisiana Representative for District 8, has announced this morning his intention to fill the seat in the US House for the 4th District that is being vacated by John Fleming, who is running for US Senate. 

Here is his announcement video released this morning: 

Several Members of House of Representatives Sign Letter Calling for Congressional Investigation into Planned Parenthood

Several members of the House of Representatives have signed a letter calling for a congressional investigation into abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s practices, specifically in the area of fetal tissue trafficking.

Last week, a shocking video surfaced of a Planned Parenthood official discussing harvesting organs and tissue from aborted fetuses.

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