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10 Days and Counting with No Comment from Louisiana Democrats on Senator Troy Brown’s Domestic Assault Arrests

Press release from the Louisiana Republican Party


Ten days ago, State Senator Troy Brown (D-Napoleonville) was arrested for the second time in under a year for domestic assault. Ten days later, Louisianians have yet to hear a single word from Governor John Bel Edwards or leaders of the Louisiana Democrat Party regarding this matter. Not one. Not a rebuke…nor a call for his resignation…There’s not been so much as a whisper from the fourth floor of the Capitol.

The Republican Party of Louisiana has called into question on numerous occasions why nothing has been said; why little has been reported on in the media. 

“Where’s the outrage?” asked LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “Where is the call for his resignation? Were he a professional athlete, he would have been fired for attacks on women. Were he a Republican, the Democrat headquarters on Government Street would be abuzz with activity calling for his ouster.”

The fact that Troy Brown hasn’t stepped down is one thing, but the LADEMO chair’s silence is another. State Senator Karen Carter Peterson should be outraged at Senator Brown’s behavior. She said on the floor of the DNC Convention this week in Philadelphia that violence “does not define us.” Why, then, is she complicit in violence against women, by remaining mum on the matter?

“If love trumps hate, then why do leaders in the Democrat Party here in Louisiana not stand up to such hateful acts of violence and call on Troy Brown to resign?” asked Doré. He went on to say that, “Inaction by those who have the ability force the issue only shows one thing: Louisiana Democrats are trying to ignore this story and hope it will go away.”

Just as Democrats have done at their convention in Philadelphia by pretending the threat of terrorism doesn’t exist, to protect their image, they are pretending charges of the assault on two women by Senator Troy Brown isn’t a reality to protect one of their own. This behavior is ridiculous, and Louisiana deserves better.

The Republican Party of Louisiana calls on Senator Troy Brown to resign and encourages Louisiana Democrats, especially Governor Edwards, to practice what they preach and stand up for victims of domestic violence by joining our call for Brown’s resignation.


Posted on July 28, 2016 and filed under Democrats, Louisiana.