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MIGUEZ: Louisiana Budget Problems Won't Be Solved at Taxpayer's Expense


Several one sided and misleading articles have been printed throughout the state this week chastising House Republicans for not having a plan and not solving the budget deficit. However, the real reason these articles have continued to criticize legislators is because we refuse to adopt a plan to raise taxes and continue government growth which has doubled the private sector's growth.  We are NOT planning to solve the deficit on the backs of Louisiana middle-income families and small businesses.


The House has proposed and enacted a better way of dealing with this year’s deficit, which will also help solve the ‘fiscal cliff’ and will help prevent future mid-year deficits. It starts by enacting a standstill budget. The concept behind this standstill budget is simple: 1) we shouldn’t spend more than we expect to receive and 2) government agencies are going to have to learn how to live with the same amount of money that they received last year.  Each time the legislature has spent 100% of the state’s expected revenue forecast, the forecast have been wrong requiring mid-year cuts to agencies which have little time (eliminate: amongst a handful of months) to absorb the cuts and plan their year-end budgets.  As a result, higher education and healthcare are forced to bear the brunt of those cuts.


This year, we decided to end the bad habit of over-appropriating and only budget spending at 97.5% of our expected revenue.  The concept is simple, don't spend "invisible money" that you are unlikely to ever receive. This is exactly what your family and our local businesses do when they suffer a budget crunch — halt the spending and budget less money. This is fiscally prudent budgeting.


Along with the standstill budget, the House fully funded TOPS.  TOPS is an important program promised to high-achieving students and we are honoring our commitment to fully fund TOPS.  Years ago the TOPS program afforded me the opportunity to attain a college degree. I want to ensure that our state's best and brightest have that same great opportunity.


So, the next time you read an article saying the legislature is doing nothing to solve the deficit, remember they are right in one aspect. When it comes to raising your taxes, some of us plan on doing nothing. When it comes to enacting reforms that will prevent government from out-of-control spending growth, we are fighting for you.


Blake Miguez

State Representative District 49

Rep. Blake Miguez Calls Out "Honor Code" on Oil and Gas Lawsuits


Blake Miguez, state representative from Iberia and Vermilion Parishes, took to Facebook today to chide the Edwards' administration on legacy lawsuits. Miguez, speaking as a small business owner in the oil and gas industry, states how these suits will affect businesses within the industry.

 “This is a message to the Governor directly. We don’t need the lawyers suing them and closing their businesses. If you drive from our small oil and gas Company in New Iberia, and you drive to this facility here in Broussard, look at the billboard signs. 80% of those are trial attorneys; the other 20 percent is the casino. Where are small businesses’ signs? Where are oil and gas signs that say ‘I’m hiring’? They don’t exist because they can barely afford to pay the receptionists to answer the phone.,”  said state representative and small business owner Blake Miguez.

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Rep. Blake Miguez Blasts Media Coverage of HB 105

Photo source: Louisiana House of Representatives

Photo source: Louisiana House of Representatives

Rep. Blake Miguez (R-49) has issued a letter to Louisiana citizens that blasts the media coverage of HB 105, which would allow autonomy over department budgets within the State of Louisiana.  Miguez further criticizes "Benedict Arnold" Jay Dardenne with the following:

The public should also know that Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne expressed the same belief in our committee hearings and cited his experience as a statewide elected official in advancing this concept. It is curious why he suddenly changed his position last week.

Kudos to Rep. Miguez for standing up for autonomy for departments within Lousiana regarding budgets and for calling out the traitor, Jay Dardenne, for being a tool of the Edwards' "Honor-Code" administration.


December 9, 2014 by Object 9

Baton Rouge, La. – WESTPAC, a political action committee of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), has announced its endorsement of recruited candidate Blake Miguez in the upcoming House District 49 special election to replace Rep. Simone Champagne (R-Erath).

“Residents of House District 49 are very fortunate to have Blake Miguez step up to fill the recently vacated House District 49 seat. Miguez’s business background and conservative principles will represent the district admirably,” WESTPAC Chairman Charles Trent said.

Miguez is a lifelong resident of Iberia Parish, a small business owner, world champion shooter, and Acadiana philanthropist with a passion for creating jobs, fighting to protect gun rights and investing in bettering our future generations.

A graduate of Catholic High, Miguez received a degree in Political Science from Louisiana State University and a law degree from Southern University Law Center. To further his education in the legislative process at an early age, he worked in the Louisiana State Senate and the Louisiana Attorney General’s office while attending his college studies.

According to his website, he has always taken an interest to Constitutional law; he is adamant on protecting our liberties and freedoms that were founded in the constitution.

“We believe Miguez has the ability to not just represent House District 49 well, but will be a leader for the business community,” Brian Landry, executive director of WESTPAC, said.

“As a business owner myself and member of LABI, I understand that creating the type of state where new businesses can relocate and existing ones can thrive is critical to creating good paying jobs for Louisiana families. I’m honored that WESTPAC supports my efforts to bring conservative solutions to Baton Rouge,” Miguez said.

A special election for House District 49 has already been set for Feb. 21, with a runoff if needed on March 28. Qualifying begins Jan. 7.


WESTPAC is a political action committee for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, the largest and most effective business advocacy group in the state. WESTPAC provides a unique opportunity for the business community to work together to elect and support a pro-business legislature and achieve significant reforms to move Louisiana forward.

Source: Business Group Endorses Blake Miguez for House District 49

Posted on December 17, 2014 .