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AOC Gets Schooled on Economics by PragerU

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the gift that just keeps on giving.

This woman is technically dead from the shoulders up. And, for the lift of me, I cannot understand why people take this moron seriously. Listening to idiots like this and following their "guidance" will put us all in the same situation Venezuela is now in.

Vote Republican like your life depends on it, because it basically does.

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Did You See the Connection Between Russia and Louisiana's Own John Breaux?

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

With the daily banter regarding Russian collusion within the Trump camp, you’d almost miss the piece by Forbes that shows a direct link between Democrat lobbying and Russia. Also buried in that piece is a connection between our own former Senator from the state of Louisiana, John Breaux, and Russia.

Lobbying for Russia is a bi-partisan activity. Gazprombank GPB, a subsidiary of Russia’s third largest bank, Gazprombank, is represented by former Sen. John Breaux, (D., La.), and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R., Miss.), as main lobbyists on “banking laws and regulations, including applicable sanctions.” The Breaux-Lott client is currently in the Treasury Department list of Russian firms prohibited from debt financing with U.S. banks.

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Scalise Shooter Was a Radical Progressive

As most of America is already aware, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, House Majority Whip, was shot during a practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, a charity event between Republican and Democrat members of Congress.  Scalise was shot in the hip, has been operated on and seems to be in stable condition at this time.

The shooter has been determined to be James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois, who has since perished in gunfire following the incident.  Hodgkinson has had a history of making anti-Trump statements, once calling the President an "asshole" and stating that the Democrats should work to stop any of Trump's efforts in Washington.

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

This comes on the heels on a history of anti-GOP statements that include violence, such as the severed head being held by Kathy Griffin and the recent assassination scene of President Trump in a New York play 

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Boustany Says Democrats’ Misguided Sit-In ‘Misses the Point’

Photo source: Flickr  

Photo source: Flickr  

(Washington, DC) – Dr. Charles Boustany released the following statement as House Democrats held a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives to protest lack of action on gun control measures after the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month.

Boustany said: “The Democrats gutted the military, tied the hands of the intelligence community, and deny the murderous nature of radical Islam, but they still blame the Constitution for terrorism. This sit-in shows the Democrats haven’t just missed the point on this issue; they’re not even playing in the same ballpark. Louisiana families have lost their jobs, their healthcare, and now their security is at risk because of the policies of this President and congressional Democrats.

“Why won’t they sit-in to lower healthcare costs, reform the tax code, and get our economy moving again? The people of Louisiana are waiting for an answer.”

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Edwards’ Past Is Prologue: John Bel Puts Special Interests Ahead of Louisiana’s Interests


Recognizing that Louisiana is a ruby red conservative state, Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards has frequently sought to attract crossover Republican voters by distancing himself from President Barrack Obama and national Democrats claiming he would bring a centrist approach to the governor’s mansion.

Edwards desperately wants voters to believe he is a moderate who will “put Louisiana first.” But his history as a state lawmaker suggests he’s likely to behave differently. In fact, Edwards’ record shows his priorities and values are far closer the job-killing special interest groups bankrolling his campaign than they are to those held by most mainstream Louisiana voters. 

Consistent with the playbook for Obama and many other Washington liberals, Edwards’ top two campaign contributors are plaintiffs’ lawyers and unions. During his legislative tenure, personal injury trial lawyers gave Edwards over $1 million.  In 2015 alone, they contributed over $685,000 in support of Edwards’ gubernatorial campaign, in addition to the $328,000 that they gave him from 2008 to 2014 while he served as their point man and spokesperson in the statehouse.

What’s more, John Bel Edwards is a trial lawyer by trade, and as a state lawmaker he aggressively opposed any attempt to bring fairness and balance to Louisiana’s broken legal system.  He also consistently supported bills to increase lawsuits and legal fees for his friends.

In 2010, he supported a bill that would have allowed trial lawyers working on contingency fee contracts to make hundreds of millions of dollars off of the state’s settlement with BP over the Gulf oil spill. 

In 2012, Edwards opposed a compromise bill that sought to put environmental clean ups ahead of trial lawyer profits in contamination lawsuits.

In 2014, Edwards led opposition to every lawsuit fairness bill that was introduced, aggressively fighting against legislation that would:
·    Eliminate Louisiana’s $50,000 jury trial threshold and give citizens greater access to our courts;
·    Rein in Louisiana’s lax venue laws, which currently allow plaintiffs’ lawyers to shop around for friendly judges in jurisdictions like New Orleans in hopes of winning huge million-dollar payouts; and
·    Prevent abusive “double dipping” in asbestos litigation and help preserve money for individuals who are truly injured.

In 2014, he also opposed reforms to increase transparency and accountability in the Louisiana Attorney General’s office and stood by AG Buddy Caldwell, even after widespread media reports revealed Caldwell routinely handed out lucrative legal contracts to his top campaign contributors.

Throughout his eight years in the Louisiana Legislature, Edwards put lawyers and legal profits ahead of jobs and the small businesses and employers who provide them.  It would be a mistake to believe he would do anything different as governor.

Melissa Landry, of Baton Rouge, is executive director of the legal watchdog organization Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch.

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Have You Heard of the Soldier Running for Louisiana Senate Arrested for a Seatbelt Violation?

Photo sources: Facebook

Photo sources: Facebook

Put this one under "the good ol' boy network" in Louisiana politics.  It seems that Stewart Cathey, a veteran of the United States armed services, was arrested last week for an unpaid seatbelt violation.  However, the kicker in this story is that Cathey, who inadvertently overlooked the ticket while preparing for deployment to Afghanistan, was willing to pay the fines and fees associated with the ticket, but was ordered to jail by Judge Tammy D. Lee.  Could this possibly be politically motivated?  Well, Cathey's opponent in this race is none other than recent Republican Party switch, Jim "Big Lake" Fannin, who is running to succeed Bob Kostelka. 

Col. Rob Maness, former candidate for the Louisiana Senate seat in DC, had this to say regarding Cathey in his endorsement:

“I call for an investigation for impeachment against Judge Tammy D. Lee, the official who forced the arrest, and an ethics investigation into Cathey’s opponent, State Representative Jim “Big Lake” Fannin and current Senator Bob Kostelka who apparently had information on the seatbelt charge and arrest before Cathey even knew about it," said Maness. 

Maness added, "I respectfully call on the LA GOP leadership, all elected officials and veterans in Louisiana to condemn these career politicians, withdraw all support for them and endorse Mr. Cathey.  Is this really how we are going to treat our heroes?”

Cathey issued the following statement last week when he was arrested and subsequently bonded out:

Let me first say thank you to everyone for being here today to support me. As many of you are now aware, in September of 2009, I was issued a ticket by the City of Monroe for not wearing my seatbelt. Eight short days later, I deployed to Afghanistan as a member of the US Army where I spent the next year fighting for the country we all love and hold so dear.While I was in Afghanistan, I honestly forgot about my seatbelt ticket, because as one might imagine that was the furthest thing from my mind. My mind was focused on keeping my team mates safe, keeping myself alive and getting back home to my family, just as is the case with any soldier who as every been fortunate enough to wear our nations uniform. Thankfully, the Lord allowed me to come home and gave me the opportunity to find new ways to serve my state and country. Is my serving my nation overseas an excuse, or a crutch, ABSOLUTELY not, I would never use my service to my nation as an excuse! This is nothing more than me simply forgetting to pay a ticket during a very stressful time in my life.

All of this is what brings us here today, and most likely, were I not a candidate for the State Senate I would never have even remembered that I had been issued a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt.

Had it not been for my opponent and his political supporters and advisers reminding me of this ticket on September 11th, the day after qualifying, and making it an issue in this campaign, I likely would never have even remembered it. Over the last 6 years, I have not received any paperwork documenting that there was ever a warrant. During this time I have been able to renew my driver’s license and purchase vehicles without my license being flagged due to a warrant, nor has anything related to this issue ever come up.

Since being reminded of this ticket by my opponents, I have exhausted all efforts to try to pay the fines or penalties associated with it, because I am admitting I made a mistake, and I want to and am willing to pay any fines in order to make this right as is normally the way a situation like this is handled. But for some reason I am being denied the right to simply pay my fine and penalties, and I am instead being forced to be arrested, and required to bond out over a simple seat belt violation from 6 years ago.  It has become apparent to me that my opponents will stop at nothing to protect their candidates and the good ole boy system, even to the point of abusing the justice system.

I hope and pray that the voters of District 35 will not be distracted by this issue, but instead hear my message: Louisiana needs new leadership in Baton Rouge to right the ship from the mess that my opponent has created.

I hope that you, the voters, will understand that while I was serving in combat overseas, the furthest thing from my mind was a seatbelt violation. My full concentration and attention was on my mission of keeping America safe by defeating Al Qaeda and the Taliban, supporting my fellow troops, and coming back home safely. This type of treatment is what we are seeing all over America right now when our service men and women return home from war, and it is another example that we have to support our Veterans, who have sacrificed so much.

What we're seeing today is the ugly side of politics. People ask me all the time why I'd want to get involved in something so nasty and underhanded.

Ironically, this situation is exactly why I'm running. The career politicians like Jim Fannin will clearly stop at nothing to get back to the good ole boys club in Baton Rouge. We don't need people who will stoop to such cutthroat tactics. We need real leadership to turn this state around.

Just as I served my country around the world now I want to serve my state in the Senate. I need your support and most importantly I need your prayers. We deserve better than what we've had, and I hope you can trust that I'm the man for the job.

Is this the way we thank our veterans that serve our country day in and day out?  Or, better yet, is this how scared the elite in this state really are about holding onto their sacred cows?  Voters of this state should not stand for this and should throw out all of "the good ol' boys" in Louisiana this fall.

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Thank Goodness This Nut-Job Liberal Was Never Elected President

Former Allied Commander, US General and liberal Democrat, Wesley Clark, had the following to say regarding "radicalized" and "disloyal" Americans and what should be done with them.

I wonder who these "disloyal" Americans would be in this dude's liberal mind????

So, if these people are radicalized, and they don't support the United States, and they're disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine that's their right. It's our right and our obligation to segregate them from the normal community for the duration of the conflict.

I think we're going to have to increasingly get tough on this.

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Another Democrat who Feels the First Amendment is Irrelevant

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

In the latest installment of the ongoing fight in the State of Oregon regarding a couple who owns a bakery that have refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding, the state's Bureau of Labor and Industries and the Commissioner, Brad Avakian, have issued a cease and desist order regarding the couple's right to voice their opinion on same-sex marriage.  This is on top of a $135K fine that was issued by the same department.

It's one thing to ruin a family business and bankrupt them financially, but it's entirely another when you deny them freedom of speech.

Read more: Oregon’s Minister of Thoughtcrime orders bakery to pay $135,000 to ‘mentally raped’ lesbian couple, stay silent about beliefs

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This shows exactly why Democrats are so ridiculously out of touch with reality.  This “representative” from California should be thrown out of the House of Representatives for such asinine legislation.

Whereas food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health;

via Text – H.Con.Res.29 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): Recognizing the disparate impact of climate change on women and the efforts of women globally to address climate change. | | Library of Congress.


Posted on March 27, 2015 .


Tomorrow when you are casting your vote for Senator in the state of Louisiana, please keep in mind who the real race hustlers are in this state.  When all else fails, the race card is dropped, as in the latest case with Mary Landrieu.  Just a visual reminder of what both Landrieu and the head of the state Democrat Party, Karen Carter Peterson, think of the citizens of this state.