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Check Out Ashleigh Banfield's Takedown of Gregory Salcido

Photo source: Stars and Stripes

Photo source: Stars and Stripes

Did you see the video of the douchebag that went on a rant that downgraded the US military and the folks that serve?  This assclown has the audacity to spout that the soldiers and sailors in the world's finest military are basically dumbasses and that we shouldn't be proud of their service.  And this was done by a school teacher and a councilman from, of all places, California.

Well, Ashleigh Banfield went on an epic takedown of this clown and it was priceless.  Check this out:


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Just How Low Will John Bel Go and the Military Mom Who Spoke Up

Photo source: NOLA

Photo source: NOLA

If there was any doubt on how low the Democrats will go in order to win the Governor's Office in Louisiana, it was evident this past weekend when John Bel Edwards' campaign released what amounts to, in my words, pure filth.  The accusation by his campaign was that Sen. Vitter put "prostitutes over patriots" while in DC.  In what has to be felt as a proverbial slap in the face, a mother of a slain guardsman is requesting that the video be pulled because of how offensive it really is.

Sen. Vitter has been a staunch advocate for the military.  Vitter, in this particular instance, was able to secure an exemption for this fallen soldier's burial at Arlington.  He was initially denied this honor because his death did not occur in the line of duty, but Vitter ensured that he was given appropriate honor by securing this exemption.

For someone going about promoting his "honor", this is about the most dishonorable thing that could be done by a campaign.  The Democrats and John Bel Edwards should immediately apologize to veterans and their families and this video needs to be taken down, for the sake of "honor."


You can be sure, any time a liberal has a good idea, it usually ends up having either an embarrassing or detrimental effect on our society.  This just happens to be one of the those cases where liberals have embarrassed a group of people, that being ROTC members pressured to parade around in high heels.  Sounds crazy?  Well, it is.  The great thinkers in higher education and the liberal hierarchy in the ROTC at Temple University decided that these young people ought to be made to wear red high heels in promotion of a "walk a mile in my shoes" awareness campaign highlighting sexual assault against women.

To be sure, sexual assault is an important issue that should be highlighted, but clown shows like this only degrade the ideals of raising the awareness of this issue.  And to use the military in such a fashion only shows what our leaders in higher education and the Obama administration really feel about our men and women wearing the uniform.

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