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Paycheck Protection Act Has Been Shelved For Now in Louisiana Legislature

Photo source:  LABI

Photo source: LABI

Rep. Stuart Bishop (R-Lafayette) has shelved the Paycheck Protection Act for the time being in the Louisiana Legislature.  This will allow the bill to be brought back at a later point in time.  Supporters of the bill continue to grow, with Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate, tweeting out his full support.

The purpose of the bill is to prevent the state government from automatically withholding union dues from the paychecks of government employees. We still have a long way to go before this bill becomes law, but this was an important step as liberal union leaders killed similar legislation in this committee twice before.

There is still time to urge your elected representatives in the Louisiana legislature to support this bill and stop the state from acting in the capacity of a union bill collector.

Posted on May 13, 2015 and filed under David Vitter, Louisiana.


As earlier reported, Rep. Stuart Bishop (R-Lafayette) has worked to advance his Paycheck Protection Act, HB 418, in the Louisiana House of Representatives.  The purpose of the Paycheck Protection Act is to "end the practice of taxpayer sponsored payroll deductions to support government union political machines." This bill will force unions to use their own resources and staff to collect dues from public employees and not depend upon taxpayer resources.

Naturally, this is being met with quite a bit of opposition from the unions in this state that depend upon the government for doing their own dirty work.  Therefore, it is imperative that legislators be contacted to support this bill and vote YES for HB 418 when it comes on the House floor.

Americans for Prosperity has made it easy to contact your state legislator on this issue.  The webpage Support Taxpayer Protection in Louisiana can be used.

Posted on May 5, 2015 and filed under Louisiana.