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Louisiana AFP Releases Legislative Scorecard and New "Crickets" Commercial

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Louisiana's Americans for Prosperity released the following by email today, which included the above commercial now being aired on radio throughout the State of Louisiana:

As you know, we worked hard all Summer to knock on your neighbors' doors and let them know what their lawmakers did in Baton Rouge this year. They raised taxes on Louisianans by over $700 million. They supported a scheme that could usher in Obamacare's Medicaid expansion into the state under the next administration. It was shortsighted, and it's not the way to fix our spending problem. 

Additionally, the legislative voting record on these taxes can be found at

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LABI Issues Their 2015 Legislative Scorecard

It's apparent that the votes cast by the legislature in the recently completed 2015 session did not sit well with LABI, as referenced below from their 2015 report.  A large majority of those in Baton Rouge have scored an "F" on this report; many of those were considered fiscally responsible Republicans and quite of few of these lawmakers are up for re-election this fall. 

It seems that voting to support $600 million in tax increases upon the citizens and businesses of the State of Louisiana is not a very good idea after all.

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Americans for Prosperity Louisiana Release Scorecard on Legislators

Americans for Prosperity Louisiana have come out with what they've termed the Louisiana Scorecard, which provides information on the voting record for our elected officials in Baton Rouge following the recent session.  The scorecard can be accessed here and the above radio ad is being released throughout the state.

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Joel Robideaux Defending Tax Raising Decisions in the Recent Session

Photo source: NOLA

Photo source: NOLA

For a man that is running as a conservative, low tax candidate in the upcoming election for Louisiana Parish President, Joel Robideaux is showing his true colors when it comes to that very issue. 

Robideaux has come out stating that legislators that supported raising taxes on the citizens of the State of Louisiana should be able to stand on the decisions made in the recent session.  This same candidate for Louisiana Parish President took the unprecedented move to increase taxes in the legislature without a 2/3 vote and by an interpretation by the Louisiana Attorney General back in 1993.

Lafayette Parish, be wary of the wolf in sheep's clothing when he comes in the fall looking for your vote.

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