Xavier University, Mayor LaToya Cantrell & Shell Host NOLA Back 2 School Fest

As per the Grow Louisiana Coalition: 

 Photo source: Xavier University

Photo source: Xavier University

Last weekend, Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Shell sponsored the NOLA Back 2 School Fest, which provided thousands of students in grades K-6 from the New Orleans area with essential school supplies and services necessary to learn and achieve academic success in the upcoming school year.

Students received free school supplies, backpacks, haircuts, health screenings, hands-on STEM exploration stations and information from other community resources.

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Response to an Advocate "Letter to the Editor"

 Photo source: WGNO

Photo source: WGNO

In regards to The Advocate's recent response to Attorney General Jeff Landry's request for the rule of law regarding the death penalty, I would like to ask the following questions. Does The Advocate not consider the victim of crimes where the death penalty has been ruled? The response to an act so barbaric that necessitates the use of the death penalty is for coddling? When someone commits first degree murder here in the State of Louisiana, the death penalty is a punishment option and is usually reserved for the most heinous acts. But, according the The Advocate and Gov. John Bel Edwards, no effort should be made to hold those that commit these barbaric acts to account.

Also, The Advocate has called Attorney General Landry's attempts to enforce the rule of law as a political ploy. I hold that the Governor's insistence on ensuring that the death penalty not be enforced is the political ploy in this whole saga. If the Governor would make an ample attempt to work with our AG on ensuring that laws are enforced, then this whole issue would be mute. However, this is kowtowing to political liberal interests and his efforts and legitimizing his office at the expense of the citizens of Louisiana.

Louisiana elected what was termed a "conservative" candidate when they voted for JBE. What we are finding out is that he is nothing more than another tax and spend liberal and the Cajun version of Barack Obama.

Landry: Give Murders Death Penalty Gov Edwards: Hug-A-Convict

Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators issued the following statement regarding the dispute between AG Jeff Landry and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on executions in the state: 

 Photo source: WGNO

Photo source: WGNO

Attorney General Jeff Landry is once again standing up for victims of violent crime and exposing Governor John Bel Edwards for being weak on crime when it comes to punishing some of the most heinous criminals in the state.

Recently, the Governor voluntarily stayed the executions of some 70 convicted murderers currently sitting on death row in Louisiana, blaming a federal case that has prevented Louisiana from carrying out the death penalty since 2010.  

Instead of working with General Landry and the Louisiana Department of Justice to find alternative options that would allow the state to carry out these executions, and obtain justice for victims and their families, Governor Edwards has refused justice for victims and adopted soft policies on punishing criminals.

Thank you, General Landry, for having the courage to fight for justice on behalf of victims who cannot fight for themselves.

Read General Landry's letter to Governor Edwards

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JBE's Chinese Investment Goes Down the Drain

 Photo source: Inside Sources

Photo source: Inside Sources

Cajun Conservatism recently pointed out that our governor decided to do business with China in this post.  Now, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) addressed, in a recent House Intel Committee meeting, that a Chinese company, Wanhua Chemical, who John Bel Edwards gave state taxpayer money to, is reconsidering their investment in Louisiana.  As indicated in this piece, it is troubling to have an "economic enemy", as President Trump has called China, acquiring American technology.

China aggressively seeks to acquire American technology and intellectual property through multiple vectors including: physical and cyber theft, forced technology transfers, evading United States export controls, export restraints on raw materials, and investments in more than 600 high-technology assets in the United States worth close to $20 billion.

Secondly, this is a clear indication of the trade imbalance that remains between the US and China.  The main reason that this project was cancelled was because of labor and material costs.  The citizens of Louisiana should be rightly concerned about a plant being built with Chinese material and being fabricated by Chinese labor.


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Fake News on the Bayou

 Photo source: FreedomWorks

Photo source: FreedomWorks

While states neighboring Louisiana and other competing states are enacting pro-growth tax reform to make their states more attractive destinations for the expected uptick in global capital flows into the U.S., Gov. Edwards is busying implementing fiscal policies that make Louisiana less attractive to investors and site selectors. Despite all of this bad news, one can forgive folks in Louisiana for not being aware of what an outlier the Pelican State has become, seeing as those who report on state government in Baton Rouge have a habit of obscuring basic facts, such as whether lawmakers are raising or cutting tax rates.

Read more: Fake News On The Bayou: How One Governor's Tax Hike Becomes A Tax Cut

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LANDRY: In Combating Government Mismanagement and Medicaid, Trust But Verify

 Photo source: LA AG Office

Photo source: LA AG Office

Louisiana State Auditor Darryl Purpera said it best: "We've got a mess right now." And indeed we do. Recent Louisiana Legislative Auditor findings were quite scathing when it comes to Governor Edwards teams ability to manage the Department of Health. The Legislative Auditor exposes carelessness with tax payers dollars through lack of oversight, lazy record keeping and a whole host of other infractions of the $12 billion dollar program. 

Attorney General Jeff Landry has long been a vocal advocate for addressing the Medicaid problems and rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse in the program. During the 2018 regular legislative session AG Landry worked with conservative lawmakers to introduce legislation that would have allowed the AGs office to investigate Medicaid recipients who falsified information on their Medicaid applications. This effort was killed by cronies of the Edwards administration when they accused these lawmakers of waging war on the poor. Now that the legislative auditors report has been released, the administration can not longer hide behind their facades.

In an recent Hayride article, Attorney General Landry discusses the recent audit findings. Thank you General Landry for pledging to continue the fight in protecting Louisiana taxpayers and holding the administration accountable!

Read the full article HERE.

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Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch Names Lana Sonnier Venable as Executive Director

Headshot_Lana Venable.jpg

Baton Rouge, LA — Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW) has announced that Lana Sonnier Venable will become its next Executive Director. LLAW is a local non-partisan, nonprofit, citizen watchdog group dedicated to stopping lawsuit abuse that hurts Louisiana’s families and threatens local businesses and jobs. Venable will be responsible for conducting campaigns to raise awareness about the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse and helping pass legislation to improve the state’s legal climate.

A veteran public affairs professional, Venable is an LSU graduate bringing 25 years of experience to LLAW, most recently as ExxonMobil public and government affairs advisor in Baton Rouge. During her 11 years in this role, she worked in in the areas of media relations, community outreach, government relations and issues management. Her previous experience includes serving as Louisiana Economic Development Press Secretary following Hurricane Katrina, as well as government relations roles with American Cancer Society and American Heart Association. She also held positions in the non-profit sector in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta.

Venable replaces Melissa Landry, who has led the organization since 2009.

“Lana is a strategic thinker and skilled communicator with a proven track record of cultivating effective relationships with community and business leaders, as well as policy makers. I cannot think of a better person to take over and lead LLAW at this critical time,” said Landry, who is returning to the private sector.

“I believe in LLAW’s mission and look forward to engaging with stakeholders at all levels to continue the progress made toward meaningful tort reform in Louisiana. Our state’s future depends on our ability to retain and attract diverse employers that provide opportunities for all Louisianans and grow our economy. The trial bar should not be a cottage industry in Louisiana,” said Venable.


About Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch:

Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW) is a high-impact watchdog group with nearly 20,000 supporters across the state dedicated to fixing Louisiana’s broken legal system through transparency, accountability and lawsuit reform. Learn more at www.llaw.org.

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Shell's Latest GOM Deepwater Project Won't Be Built in the US

 Photo source: PR Newswire

Photo source: PR Newswire

Shell's latest deepwater project, Vito, will be approximately 150 miles southwest of New Orleans.  However, none of the construction of that project was awarded to Louisiana, or any other state, for that matter.  Shell has awarded the construction contract to a fabricator overseas.

Sembcorp Marine Rigs & Floaters Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine Ltd., is headquartered in Singapore.  As opposed to previous construction projects which were, at least, partially constructed by South Louisiana fabricators, this one will not be.

As a result of the decision to have this project done overseas, the Louisiana Legislature, during the recent regular session, issued the following proclamation:

"Senate of the Legislature of Louisiana does hereby memorialize Congress and the Louisiana delegation to the United States Congress to take such actions as necessary to encourage that the design and construction of the Vito development in the Gulf of Mexico occur in Louisiana."

Louisiana businesses should be rightfully upset that Shell has decided to turn their back to them in the construction of this platform.  The state's vital role in the oil and gas industry and the dependence on the state for fueling the nation should not be overlooked.

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Attorney General Landry Endorses Congressman Higgins for Re-Election

 Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

LAFAYETTE, LA - Today, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is officially endorsing Congressman Clay Higgins for re-election to the United States House of Representatives.

“Congressman Higgins has used his time in office to lower our taxes, protect our nation, and put America first,” said Jeff Landry. “He has worked together with President Trump to achieve positive results for Acadiana families, and I am confident he will continue to fight tirelessly for us.”

“From Abbeville to Crowley and Lake Charles to Morgan City - the people of Southwest Louisiana are hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic Americans just like Clay,” explained Landry. “We are fortunate to have Clay's experience, leadership, and passion as he represents us in Washington.”

“I join President Trump in support of Congressman Higgins” added the Attorney General. “I look forward to casting my ballot to keep Clay in Congress, and I encourage all my neighbors in the Third District to do the same.”