Check Out Ashleigh Banfield's Takedown of Gregory Salcido

Photo source: Stars and Stripes

Photo source: Stars and Stripes

Did you see the video of the douchebag that went on a rant that downgraded the US military and the folks that serve?  This assclown has the audacity to spout that the soldiers and sailors in the world's finest military are basically dumbasses and that we shouldn't be proud of their service.  And this was done by a school teacher and a councilman from, of all places, California.

Well, Ashleigh Banfield went on an epic takedown of this clown and it was priceless.  Check this out:


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"Honor Code" Is Bragging About This?????

After doing all he can to kill the oil and gas industry here in the State of Louisiana, our own "Honor Code" and the Louisiana version of Barack Obama, John Bel Edwards, has come out with a statement touting the creation of a whopping 150 new jobs in the Monroe area with CenturyLink.  

I would be more likely to believe that this deal was done in response to the recent changes in the tax system implemented by the Republicans in Congress and pushed by President Trump rather that the "business climate" within this state.  "Honor Code" has done nothing in his two years as governor, other than raise taxes on both the citizens of the state and the companies that do business here.  

If there is anything more apparent that this clown tripped into his office, then I don't know any.  The sanctimonious Vitter critics should be proud of the circus being run in Louisiana.  But don't blame it on us that supported the Republican candidate in the last governor's election.  We all voted for Vitter.

Attorney General Jeff Landry Joins Family Research Council's Washington Watch Radio to Discuss a Guidance on Religious Expression in Public Schools


"We want students to know that they have a right to express their religious beliefs and that their first amendment rights are not surrendered at the schoolhouse door." Landry went on, "Both Congressman Mike Johnson and I worked collectively over a number of months to put together a student rights handbook so that students have a guidance, under which they know they can express their religious beliefs, of what they can do in the public school system."

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Congressman Higgins Applauds Expansion of Offshore Drilling

Photo source: Rep. Clay Higgins

Photo source: Rep. Clay Higgins

“We are working together with President Trump and his administration to deliver an energy policy that places American families and American industry first. Expanding offshore drilling access in the Gulf of Mexico means more jobs and economic growth for South Louisiana. I am committed to unleashing American energy potential and will continue to fight for Louisiana oil and gas jobs.”

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John Bel Edwards' Criminal Release Program Isn't Working Out That Well

Photo source: WWL

Photo source: WWL

As per a recent WWL report, another one of our esteemed governor's early released prisoners has ended up right back in jail not long after his release.

Alton Brooks Jr. was most recently arrested Friday after Kenner Police said he was shoplifting at a Winn Dixie on Williams Boulevard.

The 49-year-old man was released Nov. 1, along with hundreds of other inmates who got another shot at life due to a new set of state laws that overhauled the criminal justice system.

This, along with a string of other early released prisoners, have recidivated since release from the state prison system.

Source: Man arrested four times since early release from prison

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Graves & Abraham to Tax Bill Negotiators: Don’t forget about Louisiana flood victims

Photo source: ULLA

Photo source: ULLA

December 12, 2017
Contact: Kevin Roig, 202-225-3901

WASHINGTON, DC – Louisiana Congressmen Garret Graves (R-Capital Region) and Ralph Abraham, M.D. (R-Alto) sent a letter today urging Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, and Congressman Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means to retain disaster tax relief language in the final product of negotiations currently underway in Washington to resolve differences between House and Senate versions of major tax reform legislation.  The disaster tax relief, which was included by Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy in the Senate’s version of the bill, accomplishes the goals of separate legislation Graves introduced earlier this year - H.R. 2849, the Louisiana Flood and Storm Devastation Act of 2017, which would grant homeowners and individuals emergency tax relief, the ability to withdraw from retirement accounts without incurring penalties, casualty loss provisions, work opportunity tax credits for employers, and relief for certain charitable giving. The bipartisan bill was cosponsored by Congressmen Richmond (D-LA), Abraham and Higgins.

“We aren’t asking for special treatment,” reiterated Graves. “We’re asking for our flood victims to be given the same, common sense relief that disaster victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico were granted after disaster struck those communities.  Too often after disasters, government ends up getting in the way of recovery – this is a chance to actually help recovery and remove nonsensical penalties currently imposed on victims for wanting to take care of themselves.”

Dr. Abraham added, “Louisiana flood victims deserve equal access to disaster tax benefits that have been afforded to other states. Our people are still recovering from two historic floods we suffered last year, and this tax relief will go a long way toward facilitating that recovery.”

Louisiana Congressmen Clay Higgins and Mike Johnson also signed the letter, which can be readhere. You can read more about H.R. 2849 here.

Louisiana Ranks High in "Judicial Hellhole" Report


“Rounding out the latest Hellholes list is #8 Louisiana,” Joyce reported, “where a former trial lawyer turned governor cheerleads litigation against the Pelican State’s critical energy industry and has hired rich political donors to run it. Ethically challenged judges and seemingly bogus ADA lawsuits make things worse.” 

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Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators: Video details Fraud, LA Tax dollars shipped to other states

Photo source: Facebook  

Photo source: Facebook  

Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators put out the following regarding rampant waste within the Louisiana DHS and "Honor Code" wanting more of the Louisiana taxoayer's money. 

  • Louisiana saw over $40 million in Medicaid fraud in 2016.
  • $2.5 Million of OUR Louisiana tax dollars were sent to folks living in other states.
  • All of this while the Louisiana Department of Hospitals budget skyrocketed up 60%!

And now the Louisiana Department of Hospitals wants another $2 Billion of our tax dollars?!?

What did the Louisiana legislature say about all of this? Governor Edwards bypassed them and awarded a $15 BILLION contract without their approval.

See the breaking video for all the facts.

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