The Hayride Takes Woody Jenkins and Buddy Caldwell to the Woodshed

Photo source: The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

On Wednesday, Kevin Boyd of The Hayride put a proverbial switch to the backside of "conservative" Woody Jenkins and his support of Buddy Caldwell, of course which was paid for handsomely

Woody Jenkins has lost all credibility that he had left and has been insignificant in Louisiana for years.  His Capital City News has become nothing more than a money making racket for him and the last vestige of credibility went out the window when it was revealed that Jenkins' took endorsement money.

And today, John Binder posted on The Hayride a piece that chastises Caldwell for the utter corruptness that is rampant in the Attorney General's office.  He highlights some of the legal firms that have made off like bandits for work within the AG's office, of which 5 are below:

  • Shows Cali & Walsh LLP – Donated $15,000
  • Salim-Beasley LLc – Donated $6,000
  • Morrow Morrow Ryan & Bassett – Donated $11,550
  • Hammonds Sills Adkins & Guice LLP – Donated $200
  • Usry, Weeks & Matthews APLC – Donated more than $100,000

Both pieces show that the AG's race is one of the most important elections this Saturday.  It's time to purge the state of the likes of Jenkins and Caldwell and the rest of the good ol' boys that have ravaged the reputation of this state for decades.  It's time to elect principled, conservative candidates, and for that reason, we need Jeff Landry as our next Attorney General.

Posted on October 22, 2015 and filed under Jeff Landry, Louisiana.