John Bel Edwards, aka Rep. "Honor Code", Can't Be Trusted on Anything


John Bel Edwards, aka Rep. "Honor Code", has shown that he cannot be believed on just about anything he says.  As noted on this blog, Rep. "Honor Code" has been found to be less than truthful on several things he's said.  The following are just a couple of dishonest statements from Edwards:

  1. Rep. "Honor Code" claims that former Congressman Cleo "Cash-Stuffer" Fields is not involved in his race.  The truth is, Edwards is paying for commercials being run where Fields is pushing the election of Edwards.
  2. Rep. "Honor Code" claims to be a friend of the oil and gas industry, but is using a commercial that show oil and gas platforms not in Louisiana, but California.
  3. Rep. "Honor Code" claims he never voted for a tax increase, but the vote for the budget last year alone raised taxes on Louisiana taxpayers and businesses by more than $700 million.
  4. Rep. "Honor Code" says he does not support immigration of Syrian refugees, but edited a Facebook post saying that he would work together with Obama on this issue.
  5. Lastly, Rep. "Honor Code" claims to be a conservative and concerned with family values, but missed a forum on faith and family values to attend a fundraiser at an adult club.

Now, with a history of lies, how can we support someone so dishonest?

LOGA (Louisiana Oil and Gas Association) has issued a statement on the record of Rep. "Honor Code" regarding the oil and gas industry:

“During his time as a state representative, Mr. Edwards has an 8% voting record with our association and the bills that we have supported. He has voted for higher taxes, he supports the coastal and parish lawsuits filed against dozens of our companies, and he has said in public that he sees no need for tort reform. Higher taxes, egregious lawsuits, and a litigious legal climate each discourage job growth from our industry. So while his ad says that he will stand up for our industry’s jobs and families, his voting record and his support say just the opposite.”

Edwards' cannot be trusted with the future of Louisiana.  He is not what he makes himself out to be and is not a conservative Louisiana Democrat.  He's a liberal Obama sycophant in bed with the likes of Clinton associate James Carville and the Landrieu family.  We rid ourselves of Mary Landrieu last year when Bill Cassidy was elected.  We cannot go back and allow another Democrat take over our state.

Posted on November 20, 2015 and filed under David Vitter, John Bel Edwards, Louisiana.