Landry Holds Substantial Lead Over Caldwell; Vitter Has Momentum in Final Days

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

In the final days of the 2015 election, former Congressman Jeff Landry has a substantial lead over the incumbent, Buddy Caldwell, for the Attorney General's office.  Landry is leading in the latest JMC Analytics poll with 18 points, 45% - 27%.  Landry has been focusing hard on the history of corruption and questionable actions of Caldwell, such as the following:

  1. During his initial run for the Attorney General's office, Caldwell made intimidating statements and threats against then Legislative Auditor, Dan Kyle, concerning an investigation into the use of funds in his office as DA in the 6th District.
  2. Several of the public officials that have endorsed the re-election of Caldwell have financial and personal ties to Caldwell and his office.
  3. Caldwell claims to be a Republican, but has a history of cavorting with liberal Democrats.

Vitter has been hitting hard, as of late, on the stance that Edwards has regarding Syrian refugees streaming into the country and the State of Louisiana.  Edwards has changed his stance on this issue after initially supporting the policies set about by President Obama.  The issue has pushed Vitter to within a 4 point race with Edwards, 47% - 44%.

The election is tomorrow.  These two races can determine the direction of the State of Louisiana and can lead us into a conservative direction or put us back on the path of the liberal, good ol' boy politics that we have been trying to shun for years.