Col. Rob Maness and GatorPac Win Big on Election Night

GatorPac and retired Col. Rob Maness endorsed several candidates in Saturday's election that went on to victory.  Those that were successful in winning their respective races are as follows:

  1. Billy Nungesser - Lt. Governor
  2. Jeff Landry - Attorney General
  3. Kathy Edmonston - BESE District 6
  4. Julie Emerson - House District 39
  5. Beth Mizell - Senate District 12
  6. Rick Edmonds - House District 66
  7. Sharon Hewitt - Senate District 1

In a release issued by email over the weekend, GatorPac had this to say about the future of this group:

GatorPAC is proud of our endorsed candidates, and we will continue to support conservatives with the backbone to stand up to the progressive status quo.

Hillary Clinton and her liberal army are preparing to spend millions to win the presidency and the U.S. Senate, and you and I must fight with everything we have to stop her in our state.

Posted on November 23, 2015 and filed under Louisiana.