VILLERE: "Our Republican Brand is Strong"

Photo source: Wikimedia

Photo source: Wikimedia

The LAGOP issued the following press release on Saturday night after the elections were over:

Following tonight’s historic wins for the Republican Party of Louisiana, Chairman Roger Villere issued the following statement:

“Tonight, the Republican Party of Louisiana celebrates historic gains in the legislature and overwhelming victories on the statewide level. We'd like to congratulate Lieutenant Governor-elect Billy Nungesser, Attorney General-elect Jeff Landry, the many new Republican Legislators and the countless local Republican officials on their conservative victories.

In the Legislature, the Republican Party had a historic night gaining the largest elected majority in the House and Senate. Make no mistake, Louisiana is a deep red state and our Republican brand is strong.

Despite a disappointing result in the gubernatorial race, we’re confident that our Republican Legislature and activists across the state will hold Governor-elect Edwards accountable to his campaign promises of not raising taxes, protecting school choice and defending our conservative family values. Edwards espoused many of our conservative positions in order to get elected, and it’s our hope that he continues to abide by them as he governs. The Republican Party will vigilantly defend our bold conservative reforms as we work with the Legislature to continue to move our state forward, grow our economy and strengthen our families."

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