Boustany Opens Hearing in Ways and Means Meeting with Graphic that Highlights Welfare Program Disorganization

Congressman Charles Boustany opened today's hearing of the Ways and Means Human Resources Subcommittee with a graphic that shows the utter disorganization that lies within the welfare programs here in the US.

Boustany added, "Today’s hearing takes a step back and reviews the dizzying array of programs designed to help low-income families, and how that patchwork of programs complicates the challenges for those most in need.  

"This federal welfare system is large, fragmented, and growing in cost. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service estimates that we currently operate over 80 programs that provide food, housing, healthcare, job training, education, energy assistance, and cash to low-income Americans.

The goal of this meeting is to "review this array of programs, understand the challenges created by their sheer number, and review some state efforts to rationalize the services they provide. That understanding will lay the groundwork for future efforts to modernize and streamline or, at the very least, better coordinate these programs to help more people achieve opportunity and upward mobility."

Posted on November 3, 2015 and filed under Charles Boustany.