Jeff Landry Surging in Race for Attorney General

Jeff Landry is surging in the race for Attorney General.  

In the latest polling data released by JMC Analytics, Jeff Landry is up 4 points on incumbent Buddy Caldwell.  

Jeff is now leading, according to this statewide poll, 38% to 34%.  Landry is polling strongly throughout all regions of the State.

After a strong showing in the primary election, Jeff Landry’s momentum continues to grow after more than two thirds of the State rejected incumbent Attorney General Buddy Caldwell.  

What’s more telling, is that this poll was taken last week prior to the endorsement Landry received this week from Geri Broussard-Baloney, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Attorney General in the October balloting, who received over 180,000 votes. This was apparently a history making total for an African American woman candidate. 

In casting her support to Jeff Landry, Broussard-Baloney had this to say:

After meeting with Jeff Landry, followed by prayerful consideration with my family, I have decided to endorse Jeff Landry because of his willingness to embrace forward thinking policies, his desire to actually transform and change the way the Attorney General’s office does business.

I ran for Attorney General because I truly believe that Louisiana cannot take another four years of Buddy Caldwell’s bad practices and policies. Jeff Landry is the only candidate that will address the critical issues that are important to Louisiana’s working families. 

Jeff is committed to reforming our broken criminal justice system. He understands the need for fiscal responsibility and inclusion in the Attorney General’s office. In addition, like myself, Jeff is an entrepreneur. He understands the important role small businesses play in our economy and will fight to protect our businesses.

With early voting beginning on Saturday, it is clear that Landry is building strong momentum heading into the general election.  

Factoring in the strong endorsement by Baloney-Broussard to put an end to the “Buddy System”, it is clear that the people of the State of Louisiana will be looking for new leadership in the Attorney General’s office.

Posted on November 3, 2015 and filed under Jeff Landry, Louisiana.