Still Feeling Good About Voting for the "Moderate" Gov.-Elect "Honor Code"???

Photo source: NOLA

Photo source: NOLA

Have you seen this one today?  Seems like Gov.-Elect "Honor Code" is living up to his liberal expectations and dropping work requirements for food stamp recipients.  This will result in more than 60,000 more Louisiana citizens who will have the luxury of sitting on their backsides while the rest of the citizens of this state foot the bill to feed them.

Thank you to the "morally righteous" in this state that couldn't find the common sense to vote for a proven conservative in David Vitter.  Think about this the next time you are struggling to pay for groceries for you and your family and you're waiting for someone in front of you using that EBT card for rib-eyes.

This is only the beginning and we can all thank you for this.

Posted on December 21, 2015 and filed under John Bel Edwards, Louisiana.