Louisiana Watchdog CB Forgotston Passes Away

From pollster Elliot Stonecipher's Facebook page, Louisiana has lost a fighter for better government in the State of Louisiana.

Photo source: forgotston.com

Photo source: forgotston.com


Sunday, January 3, 2016 ... 7:30 PM

I will write this poorly. It is too soon, but also late.

For those who have contacted me without my yet responding, yes, it is oh so sadly true, Louisiana's elder statesman of good and honest government has passed away.

C.B. Forgotston labored long and hard for a better Louisiana, doing so because it was his job earlier in his career, then doing so for many more years because he cared so much ... and knew and understood us so well.

Louisiana has for decades needed C.B., also very much ... and he was there for us ... always.

We knew each other earlier in our careers, then again and better later, after Hurricane Katrina, when we shared radio programs and so much other work so many times, and in so many places. Then we came to work together and support each other. His knowledge of state government was invaluable to me, and his support of my work kept me doing it. It mattered that we each did it because we believed we should, and must.

In the face of sometimes withering opposition from so many Louisiana politicos, C.B. never - ever - faded. Quite to the contrary, he opposed them that much more intelligently and vigorously. They took their shots at him, the Lord very well knows ... and always missed. An honest person may look like a target to such people, but they never are. C.B. proved that ... always.

I was blessed to know and understand his heart for this, our place.

This loss is more than merely real. We need C.B., particularly right now. That we will not have him will cost us ... as certainly as tomorrow morning's sunrise ... may it speed its way to us.

To his dear wife and those otherwise nearest him, please know how much we care, and how much we loved who he was, and what he did for us ... all of us.

May he now rest in such well-earned Peace.

Elliott Stonecipher

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