In a move that is sure to shore up support in Fleming’s North Louisiana area, Jeff Landry has picked up the endorsement of Congressman John Fleming.

“Today I’m excited to announce my support of Jeff Landry for Louisiana Attorney General. Jeff is a highly respected Conservative who will protect the freedoms and values so important to the people of Louisiana.

“As a former member of Congress, Jeff was a staunch battler against Washington’s long arm of intrusion into our lives and businesses. He worked hard for smaller government, protection of our constitutional freedoms and liberty, and demanded an accountable Congress that answers to the people. As Attorney General, Jeff has the integrity to defend the Louisiana constitution and advocate important issues like consumer safety and fighting crime and corruption. We can trust in him to apply common-sense conservative principles as our Attorney General.

“I am proud to support him today and look forward to seeing him in office.”

via Fleming endorses Landry for LA Attorney General – ArkLatexHomepage.com.

Posted on March 9, 2015 .