How Many of the Morally Outraged Who Couldn't Vote for Vitter Happy Now?

Photo source: KATC

Photo source: KATC

Yet another one in the "the hits keep on hitting" books, the "Honor Code" governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has yet again hit more of the citizens of the state straight between and in the pockets.  In true Democrat fashion, instead of seeking other ways to fund the TOPS program in the state for higher education, letters have been sent out to students and families advising that the program is being cut yet again.  This time, to the tune of upwards of 40%.

In his statement regarding the cuts, Honor Code said the following:

"The upcoming regular session in 2017 will give us another opportunity to stabilize Louisiana’s budget and invest in our children’s futures, and I’m asking the legislature to work with me, so that Louisiana’s students are not left to shoulder the burden of our state’s financial problems.” 

Let me break it down to you in English - we're gonna tax that ass even more..................

Don't blame me.  I voted for Vitter.