Highlighting Scott Angelle's Desperation

In a desperate attempt to grab onto the seat in the House of Representatives, Louisiana's 3rd District, Scott Angelle has stooped to new lows in attacking Capt. Clay Higgins' family. In a rebuttal, Higgins released the following, which is self explanatory.  


Divorced in 1999, Higgins' ex wife... the mother of his living children... is a highly recognized, skilled paralegal. She was a senior paralegal in the Jindal Administration.

She worked with... and is friends with... Scott Angelle.

Her lawsuit about child support was filed last week, the very day after the November 8th primary.

These reported allegations date back 11 years.

Although an accomplished paralegal, she never pursued civil action until now, 11 years later.

The lawyer who filed the suit is the law partner of Jindal's attorney.

Captain Higgins consistently paid $1289 monthly, plus health insurance, and also assisted with incidental expenses, in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

During this time frame, Captain Higgins had 5 employers... yet the Texas State Attorney Generals Office served court ordered child support withholding only one time...the initial filing in 1999.

Every subsequent employer was advised of the withholding at commencement of the new job by Captain Higgins himself.

Captain Higgins moved to St Landry Parish in 2002. In November of 2004, at the conclusion of what was to be his final job in the car business, he changed his life drastically and began his career as a street cop, earning far less money.

Higgins had the child support case moved from Texas to St. Landry Parish whereby a proper review and reassessment of child support amounts would be adjudicated by a Louisiana judge. (According to the Louisiana formula, Captain Higgins child support would have been adjusted to $400 dollars monthly, with credit applied to that amount for health insurance.) This is why payment records in Texas stop early in 2005.

Court documents in St. Landry Parish clearly verify this filing.

His wife, a clever paralegal, maneuvered the case away from St. Landry Parish into EBR Parish, where she had complete control of the case. She immediately had the case filed as "Pass Without Date", meaning it was "shelved" with no review and no new adjudication.

With no resolution, faced with no ability to seek righteous adjudication, Higgins continued to comply with what would have been the Louisiana adjudication. He did so for well beyond the 18th birthday of his 3 living children.

Captain Higgins remains a loving father, and still provides support for 2 of his now adult children.

His 2 younger children were each provided a car during their senior HS year.

His 24 year old son... a street cop... currently lives on his own in Clay's paid for single wide trailer, rent free. The Captain also helps his son with incidental bills.

Clays youngest daughter is a junior in college. Her vehicle note, all maintenance and insurance is handled by the Captain. He also provides extra help for her as he is able.

Captain Higgins has hoped his children would be left out of this campaign.

Scott Angelle remains a career politician.

Posted on November 15, 2016 and filed under Scott Angelle, Clay Higgins.