One of the Establishment Endorses Scott Angelle


Many may remember Joel Robideaux. He's the member in Louisiana's legislature that decided to raise taxes on the citizens of Louisiana without going through the the proper legislative means a few years back. 

Well, establishment supports establishment.  

Per his Facebook page tonight, Robideaux is now supporting Scott Angelle for his bid for a seat in the House of Represenatives.  


Focuses On Need for Expertise, Leadership On Oil & Gas Issues.

As Mayor-President of Lafayette Parish, I have seen first hand the difficulties faced by our families who rely on jobs in the oil and gas industry. The energy sector is, by far, our biggest economic driver. Once we get beyond campaign rhetoric, it's critically important that we send an industry leader to Congress who will help shape energy policy for the new administration. Our Congressman must have the ability and experience to counsel the President and other members of Congress on the impact of federal regulation affecting energy markets and production. A highly knowledgeable and effective Congressman is essential to ensure the success of the President's plans to reduce barriers to responsible energy production. This initiative will generate significant investment and bring back quality oil and gas jobs here. Scott Angelle has worked on oil and gas issues for decades. He thoroughly understands the industry and has proven to be a powerful advocate for the production, refining, distribution and oilfield services jobs that are so important to our region. We're blessed to have one candidate with the stature as a recognized leader to advise President Trump and the new Congress on these issues. With our future in mind, I'm pleased to offer my strongest possible endorsement for Scott Angelle to serve Lafayette Parish and the entire third district as our representative in Congress.

Posted on November 17, 2016 and filed under Scott Angelle, Louisiana.