Caroline "I Hate Republicans" Fayard Joins Crowded Senate Field

Failed Lt. Governor's candidate and ethically challenged Democrat, Caroline Fayard, has ventured into the Senate race to replace retiring Sen. David Vitter.  You might remember her from a few of the following Fayard Facts:

Caroline Fayard Facts

Fayard Supports Barack Obama.

Fayard Praised Obama For Standing Up To Republicans And Predicted His Re-Election: Fayard: "Our president started to stand up to them. He will win re-election as a result. (Republicans) know it. We know it." (“Candidate or not?” Washington Parish Daily News, 3/27/11)

In October 2010 Fayard Gave Obama A B+ Grade.  "Republicans are slamming the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor because she gave positive marks to President Obama in a recent candidate forum.  Caroline Fayard, a New Orleans lawyer making her first bid for an elected office, said she would give Obama a "B+" for his performance so far.”  (Melinda Deslatte, “Republicans rally their faithful in BR,” Associated Press, 10/26/10)

Also In October 2010 Fayard Called Obamacare "A Net Positive For Louisiana":“HOST: President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan, is it good or bad for Louisiana?  MODERATOR: Starting with Caroline.  FAYARD: I think it’s a net positive for Louisiana. (League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, 10/22/10)

Caroline Fayard's Website "" Featured A Photo Of Her Standing Beside Barack Obama.

FACT: Caroline Fayard Hates Republicans

Fayard: “I hate Republicans. I hate Republicans,” [Caroline] Fayard said … “They are cruel and destructive. They eat their young. They don’t think. They don’t allow people to think. They are bullies.” (“Candidate or not?” Washington Parish Daily News, 3/27/11

Additionally, Fayard has skirted the rules regarding campaign contributions.  Per the LAGOP email blast sent out yesterday, the following was provided:

Fayard's parents wrote a huge check to the Louisiana Democrat Party when she ran for office, and the Democrats spent a similar amount on their daughter's campaign, allegedly sidestepping the $5,000 contribution limit imposed by Louisiana law.


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