Obama Is Trying to Stick It to the Oil and Gas Industry Yet Again

Photo source:  News with Attitude

Photo source: News with Attitude

If there is any more proof needed to see that the President is one of the most anti-oil and gas Presidents, you will find it here.  Our Dear Leader has decided that he will support a $10 per barrel tax on oil in order to support his "clean energy projects."  Clean energy projects, you know, like the wonderful boondoggle that was Solyndra.

Congressman Charles Boustany issued the following response yesterday regarding this decision:

This President has relentlessly attacked the American oil & gas industry and the working families who depend on these jobs. Today, oil prices are at their lowest point in over a decade, and the workforce is hurting. But the President is proposing a tax hike that will be passed on at the pump to these same families who are trying to make ends meet.

“This is another absurd attack on American energy, and it has to stop. I will personally see to it this new tax never sees the light of day.”

Taxpayers that depend on the oil and gas industry to feed and support their families should be very concerned with policies such as these, which are almost certain to continue with another liberal Democrat being elected to the highest office.

Posted on February 5, 2016 and filed under Barack Obama, Charles Boustany, Oil and Gas.