More Consequences of Honor Code’s Lawsuits

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

As we’ve reported on quite a bit, Gov. Honor Code and his trial attorney band of brothers have had a vendetta against the oil and gas industry in this state, being bound and determined to milk this vital life blood in this state to the last drop.  

Now, the latest to turn away from the Pelican State because of our legal atmosphere is the Bassmaster fishing tournament, which contributes millions in revenue.  

 “For the foreseeable future, we can’t have a level playing field there because of the access problems,” said BASS Conservation Director Gene Gilliland. “Louisiana just has some very peculiar laws that don’t mesh well with tournaments and that are going to deter a lot of recreational fishermen as well. Who knows how much they’ll lose?”

But, if you listen to the mainstream media here in Louisiana, what we have is a moderate Democrat leading this state.  

Don’t blame me though. I voted for Vitter. 

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