Boy, The Big Easy Sure Knows How to Pick a Mayor

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The latest piece out regarding the soon to be sworn in mayor of New Orleans is a scathing one regarding the confidentiality of LaToya Cantrell’s transition into the office.  

As is often the case when elected officials slip behind a curtain of secrecy, Cantrell sought to spin the confidentiality agreements as a way to actually encourage openness.

"It's not to hide anything; it's to give people the opportunity to talk freely and openly," Karen Carvin, a spokeswoman for the Cantrell campaign, said at the time. "The whole idea is to allow people the freedom to be brutally honest about their assessment of various departments and each area they're looking at. They are going to be having people interview people who have contracts with the city, and they want them to feel free to be open and transparent about their view of where things stand."

Going from a clown show of a mayor like Mitch Landrieu to this train wreck should be entertaining to say the least. The city deserves so much better, yet elect the worse.  

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