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Let Me Guess, It’s Bobby Jindal’s Fault

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

“Louisiana has lost the most jobs of any state since Governor Edwards took office, and this new data shows his policies continue to drive away work and workers,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “At a time when Louisiana should be taking advantage of a strong national economy to grow jobs and expand opportunity, John Bel Edwards liberal tax-and-spend agenda is moving the state in the wrong direction, and working families are the ones paying the price.”

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Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards Pitched Hollywood Tax Credits That Led to ‘The Hunt’ Filming in Louisiana

Photo source: Breitbart

Photo source: Breitbart

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards pitched Universal Pictures to film movies in Louisiana, to which the motion picture studio filmed the controversial film The Hunt, which reportedly featured liberal elites hunting and killing “deplorables” for sport.

Universal Pictures filmed The Hunt in New Orleans, Louisiana, earlier this year. The studio selected the location only a few months after Democrat Gov. Edwards traveled to Hollywood to discuss Louisiana’s controversial film tax credit program and raise money for his reelection campaign. Edwards met with Universal Pictures and other studio executives in Los Angeles, California, in October 2018.

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MILLS: A Tale of Two Governors

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

The following was penned by Gene Mills, President of the Louisiana Family Forum:

I’ve worked with numerous governors over my 30+ years around Louisiana’s political landscape, including Louisiana’s current Governor. Throughout those years, I have tried to hold public officials accountable while personally modeling the respect due to each civil government official as Scripture requires (Romans 13). It is in that spirit that I respectfully offer these thoughts.

Governor John Bel Edwards and I, though often public policy opposites, remain friendly and co-operative when common ground is found. The most recent example of that is Criminal Justice Reform. My involvement was at his request, and I served out of respect for his office and a shared belief that of the 18,000 inmates released each year in Louisiana, that a 42% recidivism rate within five years was too high. I respect Governor Edwards family and his lovely and talented wife. His pro-life and pro-second amendment platform won the Louisiana electorate in 2016, and many had high expectations for this deep-south Democrat going forward.

Last week, while launching his reelection campaign Governor Edwards took a swing at an old foe of his and a good friend of mine – former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I understand that it is said that “all is fair in love and war… and politics.” However, it is political season predictable to me when one joins the chorus of others - making a ghost of the past argument – which oversimplifies and misrepresents a good man’s tenure. Among other things, Bobby Jindal understood the importance of regularly inviting socially conservative, Evangelical, Protestant, and Catholic pastors to his table to discuss policies which were impacting their cities, their churches and the shared responsibility we have to minister. We prayed together, communicated concerns, and listened to his responses. When hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit Louisiana, the reaction from this conversation was tangible. By our small network’s account, tens of millions of dollars of goods and services moved, at no taxpayer expense, through this group of communicating and cooperating friends who ministered to the impacted families.

I can offer a few additional things Bobby Jindal did very well:

  1. He earnestly supported traditional family values. Governor Jindal refused to extend executive actions from his predecessors affirming the LGBTQ+ agenda and bringing sexual politics into state government. Governor Edwards signed an executive order expanding LGBTQ+ rights. Only Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and three failed court appeals stopped JBE’s executive advocacy.

  2. Governor Jindal was a staunch defender of religious liberty. He supported and signed our state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (2010). John Bel Edwards, as a legislator in 2009, had deep concerns with a constitutional amendment on religious liberty and he voted against the amendment. Then Rep. Edwards did vote for the 2010 version of the bill.

  3. Governor Jindal served as a firewall protecting our state from the incessant encroachment of gambling interests. It was well known in the industry that he would oppose both de-regulation as well as the expansion of gambling. Under Governor Edwards, gambling bills filed and passed has exploded – including new forms of gaming.

Yes, there are significant differences in the governance and ideology of these two men. However, it’s disingenuous for Governor Edwards to oversimplify the past while ignoring the context that the policies of both President Obama and President Trump have had on our economic and political landscape.

I urge Governor Edwards and his surrogates to focus on the present reality. From LFF’s vantage point, much work remains before Louisiana is known as a place where God is honored, families flourish, liberty is cherished, and state government is laser-focused on its constitutional imperatives. Bobby Jindal has not been the Governor for nearly four years. Surely, there are present indicators which assist the Governor in making his case to the voters of Louisiana. In the meantime, I will continue to remind our state of the remarkable legacy of Bobby Jindal.

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

LAGOP: Edwards Funnels Over $10,000 to Clinton Law Firm Responsible for Steele Dossier

Baton Rouge, LA – It appears that even with all his trial-lawyer donors, John Bel Edwards could not find a Louisiana law firm capable of handling the complex legal issues facing his campaign for reelection. The most recent expenditure report filed by the Edwards campaign disclosed a $10,137.80 payment to Perkins Coie – the same law firm used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to coordinate the Steel Dossier smear attack on then-candidate Donald Trump.


The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) worked together, funneling money to Perkins Coie – describing their expenditures as “legal consulting”, just like John Bel Edwards did above. We now know this money was used to pay foreign agents to provide unverifiable “dirt” on Donald Trump.

This dirt was then used by the FBI as the main “evidence” to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants targeting the Trump campaign in the final days leading up to the election.


Like Hillary, John Bel worked successfully to split the bill from Perkins Coie with another group. While the Clinton campaign used the DNC, Edwards summoned his “John Bel Edwards for Louisiana Leadership PAC” to pick up the rest of the tab from Perkins Coie.

That’s right. John Bel’s campaign AND his “Leadership PAC” both paid their bill from Hillary Clinton’s lawyer on the exact same day. You could almost say the payments were… coordinated.

As Robert Mueller testifies in Washington D.C. tomorrow, several questions will be asked about Perkins Coie and their work-product, the Steele Dossier, will be discussed at length. Years later, the shockwaves of this law firm’s unethical behavior are still being felt across the country.

Why did John Bel Edwards and his “Leadership PAC” coordinate to pull Perkins Coie out of the depths of the D.C. swamp and bring them into Louisiana?


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"Honor Code" Sides with "The Squad" Rather Than President Trump

For all the BS that “Honor Code” John Bel Edwards spouts about being a moderate Democrat, this one post regarding tweets sent out by President Trump speak otherwise. Gov. Edwards has come down on the side of the anti-semites, anti-American crew of whack jobs otherwise known as “The Squad”

When November gets closer and closer, you’ll surely see him try to promote some conservative credentials. Don’t let this man fool you; he’s another liberal Democrat trying to hide in sheep’s clothing.

LAGOP: Led by Governor Edwards, Louisiana is the Most Violent State in America

Louisiana also named “Solitary Confinement Capital of the World”

Photo source: New York Magazine

Photo source: New York Magazine

Baton Rouge, LA – New state rankings, published by USA Today found that Louisiana, under the failed leadership of Governor John Bel Edwards, is the most violent state in America. The team at USA Today used the four metrics below to calculate their state rankings:

  • Violent crime rate: 557.0 per 100,000 residents (4th highest)

  • Murder rate: 12.4 per 100,000 residents (the highest)

  • Incarceration rate: 719 per 100,000 residents (the highest)

  • 2018 unemployment: 4.9% (3rd highest)

Under Governor Edwards, Louisiana has the highest murder rate in the United States. There were 12.4 murders in the state for every 100,000 residents in 2017 –making Louisiana the only state where murders were more than twice as common as they were nationwide. For reference, the national murder rate was 5.3 incidents per 100,000 people.

Murders in Louisiana are disproportionately concentrated in urban areas, with the New Orleans Metro Area topping the list of U.S. cities with the most gun violence.

Don’t worry, Governor Edwards says we are on the right path!

Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana and Loyola’s Jesuit Social Research Institute joined with Solitary Watch to publish “Louisiana on Lockdown”, A Report on the Use of Solitary Confinement in Louisiana State Prisons, With Testimony from the People Who Live It. After researching the operation of Louisiana prisons under Governor Edwards, this report found “it is clear that Louisiana holds the title of solitary confinement capital of the WORLD.”

“When it conducted a full count in the fall of 2017, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LADOC) reported that 19 percent of the men in its state prisons—2,709 in all—had been in solitary confinement for more than two weeks. Many had been there for years or even decades. These rates of solitary confinement use were more than double the next highest state’s, and approximately four times the national average.”

Governor Edwards has a unique family interest in the Louisiana Prison system. He is quick to campaign on the fact that his family of sheriffs has operated the Tangipahoa Parish Prison across four generations or more. Currently, his brother Sheriff Daniel Edwards is overwhelmed by federal investigations into the operations and issues at the Tangipahoa Parish Prison.

Now we all just sit back and wait for the Governor to blame Bobby Jindal.

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LAGOP: Louisiana Gets Soaked as John Bel Edwards Shifts Campaign to Taxpayer Dollars

Baton Rouge, LA – It was clear this weekend that John Bel Edwards didn’t suspend his campaign, he just traded in the RV for a helicopter. And he made sure to save a seat on the helicopter for one of the reporters covering the Governor’s race. Before Barry even had a name, Governor Edwards announced that he would reschedule the rest of his campaign kickoff RV tour.

His campaign staff couldn’t help themselves. They immediately took to social media and started patting themselves on the back.


Their campaign team quickly handed the reigns to the communications staff for the Governor’s Office, who kept right on campaigning. Trying to soak up all the free media coverage that comes with any natural disaster and taking to Twitter to celebrate their success.

unnamed (1).png

Yes, while the residents of Louisiana were scrambling to prepare for inches of rain and storm damage, the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff is bragging about column inches and media coverage. Real classy. But it sure looks like that taxpayer funded helicopter ride paid off.

Those Louisiana residents, searching for the latest weather information, who grew tired of press conferences and staged photo-ops, turned to the Weather Channel for information or maybe their local news…where they were met with JBE’s campaign commercial.

unnamed (2).png

When the Governor wasn’t flying members of the press to his staged photos-ops and wasn’t paying the Weather Channel to show his campaign commercial. He was holding press conferences where at times it appeared, he could barely contain his love for the media spotlight.

unnamed (3).png

Between a press conferences, Governor Edwards was busy making sure he stayed in front the media, by calling into CNN and MSNBC multiple times over the weekend. How many Louisiana residents get their severe weather news from CNN and MSNBNC?

The Governor’s Office originally announced that he would be touring the impacted areas on Sunday but had to cancel those plans because it was too windy to take the helicopter.

unnamed (4).png

Hey Governor, if you really wanted to tour the impacted areas on Sunday, we know where you can find a brand-new RV that isn’t being used.

Of course, this tour had little to do with surveying damage and everything to do with staying in front of the cameras for as long as they will let him. Which is exactly why a new member of the media got offered a free ride on today’s helicopter tour and “press gaggles” were pre-planned for every stop.

When severe weather strikes Louisiana, the real news story is the local men and women who brave the storm to help their neighbors. Not the guy in a different colored, custom embroidered fishing/disaster shirt thrusting himself in front of cameras and microphones from a secure location.

Thank you to the first responders. Thank you to the Louisiana National Guard. Thank you to the local city and parish workers. Thank you to the electrical lineworkers and pump operators. We appreciate the long hours you spent getting Louisiana ready for this weekend and the work you are doing this week to get our communities cleaned up.

Thank you for working when the cameras aren’t running.


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John Schroder, Another Louisiana Hero Fighting JBE's Corrupt Administration

In what is turning out to be a lesson in not taking what doesn’t belong to you, Louisiana Treasurer, John Schroder, has denied “Honor Code” the ability to raid yet another “piggy bank” in the state, the unclaimed property account. Schroder is the guardian of unclaimed monies for the citizens of Louisiana, which is in this account. However, it seems like the hogs in Baton Rouge have, for years, raided this account to plug holes in the general budget.

Treasurer John Schroder said he won’t let Louisiana spend $25 million from the state’s unclaimed property account for general operating expenses this year, calling the regularly used financing mechanism illegal.

The decision threatens to create a hole in the state budget only a month after lawmakers finished crafting it.

Louisiana collects unclaimed dollars from old savings accounts, payroll checks, stocks and dividends, insurance proceeds, oil royalty payments and utility deposits on behalf of residents who are owed the cash. The treasurer’s office, designated as the custodian of the unclaimed property, tries to locate people and return the money.

Though governors and lawmakers for decades have spent money from the unclaimed property escrow account on programs and services, Schroder said he and his office’s lawyers don’t believe Louisiana law permits the transfers.

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This Needs to be Campaign Issue #1 in “Honor Code’s” Re-Election

Edwards signed criminal justice reform legislation in June of 2017. The state’s prison population currently sits at approximately 32,000. We are in a virtual tie with Oklahoma as the incarceration capital of the United States. The state’s prison population reached an all-time high of 40,170 in 2012.

At the end of 2017, Louisiana had a violent crime rate of 566 such crimes per 100,000, according to the FBI. In 2018, the first full year of criminal justice reform, the state’s violent crime rate dropped slightly to 557 per 100,000. That makes Louisiana the 47th most violent state in the nation.

Unfortunately, our 30-continuous years of holding the title of the state with the highest murder rate per capita went unchallenged in 2018.

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LAGOP: Hosts of JBE’s Campaign Kickoff Targeted in FBI Vote Buying Investigation

Amite, LA – Last weekend, John Bel Edwards kicked off his campaign for reelection in his childhood hometown of Amite, Louisiana. The event was hosted by Amite Mayor Buddy Bel and emceed by Amite businessman Tom Brumfield.

Yes, this is the same Buddy Bel accused by the Amite Police Chief of cutting the power to the local evidence room and allowing it to be robbed.

Yes, this is the same Buddy Bel that was subpoenaed by FBI investigators regarding his connection with a vote buying scheme in Tangipahoa Parish.

Yes, this is the same Tom Brumfield that was ALSO subpoenaed by federal agents regarding his involvement with the same vote buying investigation.

According to an exclusive report by The Advocate: The FBI has cast a wide net, examining parish races going back to 2011, two sources stated. Yet agents have taken a special interest in certain political operatives, including Louis Ruffino, a former mayor of Roseland who for years has offered "get out the vote" services to local candidates.

Long-time Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards, John Bel Edwards’ brother, said he never hired Ruffino, the north shore operative who is under federal investigation. But John Bel Edwards acknowledged paying Ruffino $8,750 ahead of his 2011 re-election to the Louisiana House of Representatives to put up signs and perform other “routine campaign work”. The Governor’s spokesman and current campaign manager, Richard Carbo, noted that the payment was properly recorded in campaign finance reports.

“If you believe that John Bel Edwards paid an elderly mayor $8,750 to put-up a few campaign signs… I’ve got some Mardi Gras tickets to sell you,” commented LAGOP Communications Director Jason Harbison.

Of course, federal investigations connected to the Edwards family have been ongoing in Tangipahoa Parish for generations. While Sheriff, Daniel Edwards has been involved in multiple federal investigations; federal agents even confiscated his computer as evidence in one of their investigations.

Their father, long-time Sheriff Frank Edwards Jr., was also investigated by federal authorities during his campaign for reelection. In fact, former Sheriff Edwards was so frustrated by one federal investigation that he tried to sue a Special Agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

It seems the apples didn’t fall far from the tree.

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Democrats Falsely Take Credit for Republican AG Jeff Landry’s Sweeping Louisiana Healthcare Bill

Photo source: Twitter 

Photo source: Twitter 

 “A Democratic campaign arm attempting to give John Bel Edwards credit for my Legislation, developed with Republican leaders, to protect pre-existing healthcare conditions without Obamacare,” Landry charged Tuesday. “A bill he attacked. THAT’S RICH. Thank you for recognizing the bipartisan support.”

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Or, Better Worded, Governor Signs Jeff Landry's Healthcare Bill Into Law

Trying their best to cover the backside of the liberal governor they love so much, Louisiana media has reported that “Honor Code” Edwards, who once called the healthcare bill recently passed by the legislature a “fig leaf” for Attorney General Landry, has signed that same bill into law.

After calling the bill a “fig leaf” aimed at saving Louisiana’s attorney general from embarrassment, Gov. John Bel Edwards quietly signed into a law a measure pushed by one of his political rivals that aims to eventually offer some protections to patients if the Affordable Care Act is overturned.

The bill was backed by Attorney General Jeff Landry, and authorizes the state’s insurance commissioner to study other state’s health care models to come up with a potential replacement for the ACA’s individual health exchange. It would only be necessary if the ACA is overturned--which is the goal of a lawsuit that Landry has joined.

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LAGOP: Former Edwards Administration Official Admits to Stealing Over $550,000 from Hospital Charity

Prosecutors say Funes stole gift cards intended for cancer patients

(Baton Rouge, LA) – A member of the Governor’s Healthcare Transition Committee pled guilty in a Baton Rouge Federal Court today to charges of wire fraud and money laundering.

Federal Investigators caught John Paul Funes chartering private flights for his friends and family while forcing the Our Lake of the Lake Foundation to cover the expenses by creating fraudulent bills for “outbound patient transports”. Investigators also discovered Funes repeatedly stole gift cards intended for cancer patients and spent them for his personal benefit.

After being elected Governor, John Bel Edwards named John Paul Funes to his Healthcare Transition Committee and tasked the committee with developing a plan to expand Medicaid in Louisiana.

The Governor’s expansion of Medicaid was a disaster. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted, tens of thousands of people have been kicked out of the program, and thousands have died on waiting lists.

Conservatives in Louisiana have been shocked at the amount of fraud and waste and have been wondering for years why an Administration would make so many mistakes with so much taxpayer money at risk.

Today we found out why.

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LAGOP: Louisiana Economy Being Left Behind Under John Bel Edwards

(Baton Rouge, LA) – Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor released the latest information on State Employment and Unemployment. While it is clear the policies of President Trump have caused a national economic boom, these statistics clearly show that Louisiana is being left behind.

Unemployment Rate – May 2019

United States 3.6

Louisiana 4.4
Texas 3.5
Alabama 3.7
Arkansas 3.6
Florida 3.4
Georgia 3.8
Tennessee 3.3

Mississippi 5.0

Unfortunately for the people of Louisiana, this report contains even MORE troubling statistics. Not only is Louisiana growing at the SLOWEST RATE IN THE COUNTRY, but we are LOSING people! From May 2018 to May 2019 Louisiana saw only a 0.1% change in nonfarm employment, the lowest in the ENITRE COUNTRY.


Even more troubling is the fact that our civilian labor force is shrinking under Governor John Bel Edwards. Our unemployment rate is going down because people are LEAVING Louisiana, not because they are finding jobs. In May of 2018 the civilian labor force of Louisiana was 2,106,604. By April 2019 the labor force in Louisiana had shrunk to 2,098,308.

In just the last 11 months 8,296 people have left the Louisiana workforce, that is 25 people every single day!

It is obvious Louisiana is being left behind but the only job John Bel Edwards is fighting to save is his own.

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LAGOP: NEW POLL: Democrat Disaster Brewing for Governor John Bel Edwards

42% of all Louisiana Democrats & 64% of Louisiana Democrats under 35 want a new Democratic candidate for Governor

(Baton Rouge, LA) – This week, We Ask America, a nationally recognized polling firm, released the fourth in a series of statewide public opinion polls from across the country. According to the findings of their poll of Louisiana Democrats conducted between June 5th and 6th, Governor Edwards has a lot of work to do to shore up his Democratic base.

The poll finds that 42% of Democrats want to see Edwards get a Democratic primary challenger in the race, a troubling number for any incumbent that rises to a shocking 64% among younger voters. Another troubling sign for Edwards in the We Ask America poll is his lack of support and enthusiasm among young voters.

In addition to 64% support for a primary challenge, just 57% of voters aged 18-35 indicate they are “Certain” to vote in October. These younger Democrats will be crucial for Edwards if he hopes to build a local campaign organization, and his path to victory gets extremely difficult if these voters do not turn out to vote.

It has been a rough few weeks for Louisiana’s Democratic Governor as he found himself in the crosshairs of several Democratic Presidential candidates and even the head of the Louisiana Democrats expressed disgust with her candidate for Governor.

With Louisiana Democratic Party leaders openly criticizing him and a plurality of Democratic voters either supportive of a primary challenge or undecided, John Bel Edwards is becoming more vulnerable by the day.

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LAGOP: Attorney General Jeff Landry Leads Bipartisan Obamacare Replacement Bill Through State Legislature

Will Governor Edwards swallow his pride and sign Landry’s plan?

(Baton Rouge, LA) – Attorney General Jeff Landry and House Speaker Taylor Barras partnered with Senator Fred Mills and Representative Kirk Talbot to reach across the aisle and develop a consensus behindlegislationto protect people in Louisiana with pre-existing conditions, in case the Affordable Care Act is struck down by the courts. Working alongside Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, the legislature overwhelmingly supported this bipartisan plan to ensure the people of Louisiana will have access to affordable health insurance after Obamacare.

This bipartisan effortserves as a reminder to the people of Louisiana that our elected officials, regardless of political party, can come together in Baton Rouge and make important decisions for the betterment of the state, or at least most of our elected officials can...

Unfortunately, Governor Edwards has fought this bill at every stage of the legislative process. First, Edwards and his allies introduced a competing bill that failedin committee. Edwards thenlashed outin the media and began slandering the bipartisan plan. Unable to disrupt the momentum of the bipartisan legislation, Edwardsthrew togethera task force in anattemptto steal the headlines for himself. On the Senate floor, Edwards sent one of his allies to attack the bill with a hostile amendment. All of his efforts failed.

Back in April Governor Edwards saidthat he was looking forward to working with the Legislature to find common ground for both parties to work together. Instead he chose to sit in his mansion and attack real bipartisanship. Fortunately for Louisiana, the legislature went ahead and did the hard work, finding bipartisan ground to protect our healthcare.

Now all we need the Governor to do is stop pouting and sign the bill!

LAGOP: SHOCK POLL: Less Than Half of Democrats Are Committed to Voting for John Bel Edwards

(Baton Rouge, LA) – A new poll focused on the Louisiana Governor’s race is sending shockwaves through the campaign of Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.

“It looks like Governor Edwards will be shifting his re-election campaign into an apology tour,” said LAGOP Communications Director Jason Harbison.

Democratic respondents were asked: “Are you definitely voting for John Bel Edwards or would you consider voting for another Democratic candidate?” Only 49% of Louisiana Democrats are definitely supporting the Governor for re-election.Almost 30% of Louisiana Democrats are shopping for a new candidate, while 15% of Democrats say they aren’t voting for a Democrat.

This is a major disaster for John Bel Edwards!

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LAGOP: John Bel Edwards Must Refuse Campaign Cash from Pro-Abortion Lobby

Democratic Governors Association Received Over $500,000 From Planned Parenthood Since Backing Edwards in 2015

(Baton Rouge, LA) – While Governor John Bel Edwards attempts to appeal to conservative voters in an election year by pledging to sign pro-life legislation, his campaign is receiving financial support and resources from national organizations that are funded by pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), which spent millions to help elect Edwards in 2015, and already has paid staffers on the ground to help his re-election efforts, has accepted $570,780 in contributions from Planned Parenthood Action Fund from 2015-2018.

Both Planned Parenthood and the DGA are actively campaigning against pro-life legislation across the country. Earlier this month, the DGA sent out an email opening with: “Friends, abortion rights are under attack in the states,” and recently tweeted that “attacks on women’s health care prove that the threat to women’s reproductive rights is real and present,” referencing legislation similar to Louisiana’s.

Leading national Democrats, including Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez and 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, have called on the party to be “100 percent pro-choice.”

“Professional politician John Bel Edwards is trying to have it both ways. While he claims to be pro-life, his campaign machine is running on cash from groups funded by Planned Parenthood," said LAGOP Communications Director Jason Harbison. “This year, the people of Louisiana will have the opportunity to elect a strong, pro-life governor who doesn’t have to beg for money from the abortion lobby.”

Meanwhile his supporters are pointing to his record as a liberal Democrat to make the case for organizations like the DGA to keep the dollars flowing. The Huffington Post reports that “Edwards’ supporters note he’s a mainstream Democrat on economic issues,” and Gumbo PAC Director Trey Ourso argues that Edwards “has been succeeding on many issues that Democrats care about and fight for.”

It’s past time for Edwards to put his money where his mouth is and reject any support from these pro-abortion groups. Until he does, John Bel Edwards is just another Democrat that Louisiana conservatives can't afford. 

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LAGOP: PRESS RELEASE: Governor John Bel Edwards Caught Meddling in LSU Athletics

Secret Text Messages and Suspicious Behavior

Governor John Bel Edwards Caught Meddling in LSU Athletics

(Baton Rouge, LA) – Yesterday, we learned that Governor John Bel Edwards was apparently very determined to obtain inside information on the playing status of one of LSU’s star basketball players, before this information was made public. The Governor sent multiple text messages to several LSU administrators, and continued to follow-up on the conversations until he received the insider information he was seeking.

Of course, this could all just be a case of Governor Edwards being a fan…except that his office and staff have treated this report so strangely, lashing out at every mention of it and fighting any further news coverage.

The Governor’s team promptly began a “definitely not hiding anything” communications strategy by refusing to comply with a simple records request for two months, delaying the production of these easily accessible and easily searchable electronic records to the media.

Next, and still definitely not hiding anything, the Governor’s office redacted certain comments from the text messages and refused to provide his text conversation with an LSU attorney.

Still definitely not hiding anything, Governor Edwards sent his top lawyer to answer questions about the matter. His attorney then stated “He (the Governor) was not trying to weigh in on whether he (the player) should or should not play. That clearly did not happen and would not have happened.”

Now the Governor’s communication staff is shouting down this article on social media and vigorously retweeting “defenders” of the Governor getting involved in this situation – DEFINITELY. NOT. HIDING. ANYTHING.

We have a few questions:

With whom did the Governor share this insider information?

Did those same individuals bet on any LSU basketball games?

What did Governor Edwards and F. King Alexander discuss on the phone?

Who asked the Governor to obtain this information?

Why did the Governor need to know this information before the public learned of it?

Why did it take two months to respond to the records request?

Why did the Governor question those specific LSU administrators?

If the Governor’s interest in this matter was only personal, why did he discuss the matter with one of LSU’s attorneys?

Further, if Governor Edwards was “asking for a journalist” why does the content of his conversation with the LSU attorney require the protection of the attorney-client privilege?

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