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How Many of the Morally Outraged Who Couldn't Vote for Vitter Happy Now?

Photo source: KATC

Photo source: KATC

Yet another one in the "the hits keep on hitting" books, the "Honor Code" governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has yet again hit more of the citizens of the state straight between and in the pockets.  In true Democrat fashion, instead of seeking other ways to fund the TOPS program in the state for higher education, letters have been sent out to students and families advising that the program is being cut yet again.  This time, to the tune of upwards of 40%.

In his statement regarding the cuts, Honor Code said the following:

"The upcoming regular session in 2017 will give us another opportunity to stabilize Louisiana’s budget and invest in our children’s futures, and I’m asking the legislature to work with me, so that Louisiana’s students are not left to shoulder the burden of our state’s financial problems.” 

Let me break it down to you in English - we're gonna tax that ass even more..................

Don't blame me.  I voted for Vitter.

New Vitter TV Ad Highlights Plan to Get Louisiana Out of Common Core

As governor, I’ll cut the amount of money spent on bureaucracy, and put that money right in the classroom where it belongs. I’ll advance early childhood development and work to increase teacher pay, so we can have the best. And we’ll put parents back in charge," says Vitter. "That's not Common Core. That's common sense!"

Vitter has passed legislation to stop Washington’s dangerous plan to take over how we educate our kids. His legislation, the Local Control of Education Act, will prohibit the federal government from mandating, incentivizing, or coercing states to adopt Common Core standards. It would allow Louisiana to opt out of Common Core and still remain eligible for key federal funding. 

Click here to read Vitter’s entire plan for K-12 education

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The following announcement was sent from David Vitter's campaign this morning concerning his plan to improve education for the students in the State of Louisiana.  Vitter has made it a key issue in his campaign, from his amendment that would bar the federal government from pressuring states into implementing the Common Core standards to his new plan he is calling Together, Louisiana Strong.

METAIRIE, LA. – David Vitter (R-LA) today released his proposals to improve education in a new chapter of his plan, “Together, Louisiana Strong: Our blueprint for building a brighter future.” Chapter 3 is called “Dramatically Improving Education for All Our Children.”


Read Vitter’s education plan here

“We’ll never achieve the Louisiana we all want without dramatically improving education for all our children. The budget may be our most immediate crisis. But education is our biggest, most important one long-term,” Vitter said. “That’s why I will lead a serious, sustained effort to build true excellence in education. And that begins with demanding local versus federal control and empowering the most important leaders on the front line—parents and teachers.

In Chapter 3 of Together, Louisiana Strong, Vitter details how to get Louisiana out of Common Core, support school choice, and put more state dollars in the classroom instead of spending it on administrative costs. Chapter 3 also highlights the Vitter Record, like how he has authored leading legislation to prohibit the federal government from using Race to the Top grants, No Child Left Behind waivers, or any other tools to mandate, coerce, or bribe states into adopting Common Core, and preserve past grants and waivers while invalidating the strings attached.

“David actually passed legislation that says the feds must not coerce or bribe states into adopting Common Core,” said Sandra Baily-Simmons, Tangipahoa Parish School Board Member.

Vitter’s plan is focused on facing Louisiana’s enormous challenges head on—with strong leadership and real solutions— and taking advantage of historic opportunities and make great gains.

 See the first three chapters of Together, Louisiana Strong here.

In addition to “Dramatically Improving Education for All Our Children,” Vitter has already released the first two chapters of the plan.

Vitter has compiled his plan by meeting with Louisianians of all walks of life and by listening to their ideas for building a brighter future. Vitter has held 380 Town Hall Meetings and 203 Telephone Town Halls. As a candidate for Governor, Vitter has held 11 (12th scheduled for this Tuesday) Leadership Forums on the key challenges we face as a state specifically to develop this blueprint, with dozens of informal meetings and conference calls in addition.

Vitter will be releasing additional chapters as they’re added in the next several weeks.

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This.  Here's a story from KATC News out of Lafayette of a school in St. Landry Parish that is in such deplorable conditions due to insect and mold / mildew damage that it has to be abandoned and temporary structures brought in to house young students and teachers at Palmetto Elementary.  Yet, we have the resources to spend taxpayer money on projects and properties that are missing.

With the State of Louisiana in financial dire straits, will this something that will be the norm for our children?

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It’s sad when the administration and the leaders in the Lafayette Parish School System put politics before the students in the district.  Repeatedly, there is nothing but games and pettiness related to educators and those outside of the political establishment in this district.  Until the broken system is totally replaced, it is apparent that nothing will improve for those in the school system that need it most.

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The outcry over PARCC testing and the Common Core standards have reached South Louisiana, with several parents opting out their children in taking part in those upcoming testing dates.  Per the information below, six area Iberia Parish children have been opted out of PARCC testing.

The parents of six students have asked that their children opt out of the upcoming PARCC test in Iberia Parish.

“Nothing has changed from when this began,” Iberia Parish school Superintendent Dale Henderson said. “Our numbers for parents wanting to opt out have been low. I think parents and teachers are taking this opportunity seriously.”

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