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The Fruits of a Tax and Spend Governor

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Personal income in Louisiana growth slowed to a 2.3 percent rate in the third quarter of this year, a smaller gain than almost every other state, newly released figures show.

The U.S. grew personal income by 4 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Personal income includes income from labor, owning a home or business, financial assets and transfers.

Louisiana ranked 48th in the rate of growth. Mississippi, also at 2.3 percent, ranked 49th, and Missouri, at 2.1 percent, ranked 50th.

The state added $1.19 billion in personal income during the period, including $796 million in net earnings.

Farm earnings took the biggest hit in the quarter, down $101 million. Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction fell by $75 million.

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"Honor Code" is Taking His Crap on the Road

Photo source: KATC

Photo source: KATC

This is not leadership.  This is pandering to the lowest denominator.  First, it was college football.  That didn't work.  Next it was sending out letters to elderly in the nursing facilities threatening eviction.  That didn't work.  Let's go after the college kids now.

Honor Code my ass.

Cut spending and live within your mean like everyone else in this state has to do in times of crisis.

2109 can't come soon enough to get rid of this turd.

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Boy, The Big Easy Sure Knows How to Pick a Mayor

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The latest piece out regarding the soon to be sworn in mayor of New Orleans is a scathing one regarding the confidentiality of LaToya Cantrell’s transition into the office.  

As is often the case when elected officials slip behind a curtain of secrecy, Cantrell sought to spin the confidentiality agreements as a way to actually encourage openness.

"It's not to hide anything; it's to give people the opportunity to talk freely and openly," Karen Carvin, a spokeswoman for the Cantrell campaign, said at the time. "The whole idea is to allow people the freedom to be brutally honest about their assessment of various departments and each area they're looking at. They are going to be having people interview people who have contracts with the city, and they want them to feel free to be open and transparent about their view of where things stand."

Going from a clown show of a mayor like Mitch Landrieu to this train wreck should be entertaining to say the least. The city deserves so much better, yet elect the worse.  

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JBE and His Trial Lawyer Buddies At Work

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

Don’t blame me. I voted for Vitter. 

Here is the latest in John Bel Edwards’ and his cronies scheme to milk the oil and gas industry for billions.  

But shakedowns aren't usually grounded in compelling evidence, and Louisiana appears to view liberal New York City and San Francisco as models to follow. A network of trial lawyers recently filed 42 lawsuits for six parishes alleging oil and gas companies are responsible for the state's coastal erosion and seeking damages.

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Hear Nebraska Democrat Official Thankful for Scalise Shooting

Photo source: YouTube  

Photo source: YouTube  

Just when you think the vitriol and hatred spewed by the left was over, you have someone like this guy that crawls out of his hole to bring it to a whole new level. 

To be fair, this clown has been fired from his position as Technology Chairman of the Nebraska Democrat Party. However, Phil Montag was caught on audio stating he was thankful for Steve Scalise's shooting last week because of his stance of healthcare.  

Keep it classy Dems. You're only helping the GOP get more members into elected office.  

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"Tolerant" Liberals Disrupt Prayer During Cassidy Town Hall Meeting

Photo source : InfoWars

Photo source : InfoWars

In a town hall meeting earlier this week, hosted by Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, a prayer from the Chaplain of the Louisiana Legislature was disrupted by agitators, who were there purely to wreak havoc on a gathering of concerned citizens. The below video shows them screaming "separation of church and state" and "pray on your own time". 

Tell me again about that tolerance the left spouts. Guess Michelle Obama's "when they go low, we go high" doesn't apply here.  

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Boycott Target Nearing One Million Supporters

Photo source: AFA

Photo source: AFA

The American Family Association issued a Boycott Target petition in response to their irrational decision to let males enter female restrooms.  Nearing one million supporters, the AFA has stated that this is one of their most successful drives concerning issues of morality.  More information on the drive can be found here.

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John Bel Edwards Issues an Ad of Oil and Gas Industry, But with One Problem.....

Buzzfeed has found stock photos used by the John Bel Edwards campaign in one of their latest campaign ads touting the oil and gas industry in the State of Louisiana.  One problem.  The photos were taken of platforms in California.

Per the original piece by Buzzfeed, the Edwards campaign has not responded for comments. 

Yet another instance of a dishonest Democrat.

John Bel Edwards Touts His West Point Honor Code, But Then There's This

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

Retired General Wesley Clark, valedictorian of the West Point class of 1966 and former Democrat Presidential Candidate, is divorcing his wife amid accusations of infidelity on his part.  He and his wife have been married for nearly 50 years and Clark has been reported as being in a relationship with a 30 year old woman.

If the "honor code" is of such great significance that John Bel Edwards has to remind us of it in each of his releases, then this must not go without notice.  Surely someone that was a valedictorian of West Point must live to the highest of the "honor code" values touted by Bel Edwards. 

What the State of Louisiana needs right now is a leader.  John Bel Edwards should be commended on his service to country, but his services are no longer needed.

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John Bel Edwards Would Be One of the Worse For Louisiana's Economy

In a comparison of all current and former elected Democratic officals from the state of Louisiana, current candidate for Governor, John Bel Edwards, leads as one of the worse for the state economy.

Photo source: Louisiana for Liberty

Photo source: Louisiana for Liberty

LABI has issued a scorecard that ranks the voting records of both Bel Edwards and Vitter, which can be found here.  Vitter has a lifetime rating of 95% compared to the paltry rating of 29% for Bel Edwards.  The scorecard also ranks several former Democratic elected officials, several of whom scored more than the current Democratic candidate for Governor.

We cannot allow this state to be taken back to an era of economic depression.  The current economic downturn cannot be corrected by the likes of another liberal, John Bel Edwards.

Read more: Louisiana for Liberty

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John Bel Edwards' Failing Grade (51%) From the Louisiana Family Forum

Photo source:  The New Orleans Advocate

John Bel Edwards has a failing grade with the Louisiana Family Forum. His lifetime average of 51.6% actually makes him one of the most liberal members of the Louisiana Legislature. 

The Louisiana Family Forum is committed to defending faith, freedom and the traditional family in the great state of Louisiana. John Bel Edwards has a failing grade.

See more below:

2015: 55% (Only 5 grades worse)

2014: 50% (Only 11 grades worse)

2013: 70% (Only 10 grades worse)

2012: 44% (Only 3 grades worse)

2011: 55% (Only 11 grades worse)

2010: 63% (Only 8 grades worse)

2009: 43% (Only 8 grades worse)

2008: 33% (Only 3 grades worse)

John Bel Edwards Bragging About Huey Long's Legacy

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

John Bel Edwards fancies himself a different type of Democrat.  He claims to be many things to many people to portray himself differently than the modern Democrat Party.  However, when you really take a look at the man and catch him speaking openly, you'll see the true Bel Edwards.  He's nothing more than another tax and spend liberal, as evident in this video that was found on YouTube.  He's bragging about being a Democrat and associating the policies of Huey Long and the Democrat Party.  This is the true face of the liberal Bel Edwards and why we don't need another liberal Democrat running Louisiana at this time in history.

Fund for Louisiana's Future Releases "Take" Video on Bel Edwards

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

The Fund for Louisiana's Future has released the first video in the runoff election between John Bel Edwards and David Vitter.  The video, entitled "Take", highlights the propensity of Bel Edwards' support for higher taxes and use of taxpayer money on personal interests.

The release also highlights the following concerning Bel Edwards' support of higher taxes:

In 2013, Edwards Voted For A Bill That Increased Eligibility Standards For Tax Credits And Rebates For Retail Businesses:

Edwards Voted Yea On HB 571. (“Final Passage HB571,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/15/15)

The Bill Increased The Percent Of Employees To Meet Qualifications Tax Credits And Rebates. (HB571 Digest, Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/15/15)

The Bill Also Adds Limitations On Eligibility For Retail Businesses. (HB571 Digest, Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/15/15)

Edwards Voted For A Bill To Reduce The Amount Of Income Tax Credits And Corporate Franchise Credits:

HB 696 Reduced The Amount Of Income Tax Credits And Corporate Franchise Credits. (“HB696,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/15/15)

Edwards Voted Yea On HB 696. (“HB696 Final Passage,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/15/15)

In 2008, Edwards Voted On A Measure To Increase Lawmakers Salaries:

SB 672 Would Increase Members Of The Legislature Salary From $16,800 To $37,500. (“SB 672 Digest,” Louisiana Legislature, 10/13/15)

SB 672 Would Have Provided Salary Adjustments If There Was An Increase In The Consumer Price Index. (“SB 672 Digest,” Louisiana Legislature, 10/13/15)

Edwards Voted Yea On SB 672:

Edwards Voted Yea On SB 672. (“SB 672,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/7/15)

SB672 Was Vetoed:

SB 672 Was Vetoed By The Governor. (“SB 672,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/7/15)

In 2010 Edwards Voted Against HB 1390 Which Would Have Frozen The Amount The Per Diem Expenses Lawmakers Would Receive

“Legislators’ Per Diem Would Be Frozen For The Next Two Years Under A Bill That Cleared A House Panel Thursday.” (Marsha Shuler, “Panel Endorses Freeze On Legislator Per Diem,” The Advocate, 4/30/10)

“House Bill 1390 Now Heads To The House Floor.” (Marsha Shuler, “Panel Endorses Freeze On Legislator Per Diem,” The Advocate, 4/30/10)

“The Per Diem Amount Is Adjusted Annually With The Federal Rate, Today, Per Diem Is $159, It Has Risen From $113 In 2005.” (Marsha Shuler, “Panel Endorses Freeze On Legislator Per Diem,” The Advocate, 4/30/10)

“Richard’s House Bill 1390 Would Freeze The $159 From July 1 To July 1, 2012.” (Marsha Shuler, “Panel Endorses Freeze On Legislator Per Diem,” The Advocate, 4/30/10)

HB 1390 “Changed The Amount Of The Per Diem For Members Of The Legislature From The Rate Allowable For Per Diem Deduction Under Federal Law To $159 Per Day For Two Years Beginning July 1, 2010.” (“HB 1390,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/21/15)

Edwards Voted Nay On HB 1390. (“HB 1390,” Louisiana Legislature, Accessed 10/21/15)

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Photo source: LAGOP

Photo source: LAGOP

Last evening, "conservative" Democrat John Bel Edwards appeared at a meeting in St. Tammany Parish with Karen Carter Peterson, state senator and head of the Louisiana Democrat Party.  She is also the same person that stated any criticism of Obama is paramount to racism.

Bel Edwards is no "conservative" Democrat, as evidenced in one of his recent debate performances. He has gone on record stating that he support Obama, supports Planned Parenthood while pretending to be pro-life and supports his Party, in general.

Louisiana doesn't need to fall for another sheep in wolves' clothing.  This guy is a dyed in the wool liberal Democrat, as evidenced by past statements and his "running crew", the likes of Karen Carter Peterson.  As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.