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Vitter Campaign Issues Press Release Regarding Scott Angelle's Time as DNR and Bayou Corne

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In what can only be described as a scathing letter, Sen. David Vitter's campaign released an email blasting Scott Angelle's handling of the Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster and subsequent resignation as Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources.  Some of the stronger points of argument made are that since "2010 the DNR had a report showing that the sinkhole posed a threat not long before residents started experiencing earthquakes. Scott Angelle and the DNR did not disclose the failed integrity test."

The full release can be read here.

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Super PAC Influence in Louisiana Gubernatorial Race Mediocre or Worse So Far

Photo source: NOLA

Photo source: NOLA

Super PAC’s influence in the race to be Louisiana’s next Governor is still uncertain. There are at least five Super PAC’s trying to impact the race, and four of the five have already been on TV.

The latest, the Louisiana Water Coalition PAC, made a substantial media buy aggressively going after U.S. Senator David Vitter’s past. Their ad has seemed to generate the most media buzz, and therefore probably having the most impact. The Water Coalition PAC claims to be impartial, although they are promoting the candidacy of John Bel Edwards, Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne on their website

The Fund for Louisiana Future, the Super PAC supporting Vitter, has been missing from the mix for the most part. There was much anticipation over how aggressively they would attack Vitter’s opponents, but thus far they have been quiet and largely unimpressive. They started with a positive ad, which seemed counter intuitive given that Vitter was running positive at the same time, and then transitioned into a weak attack on Dardenne and Angelle over taxes. It’s hard to believe that internet sales tax will be moving numbers for voters.

We will continue to monitor the advertising traffic for each of the candidates as well as the Super PACs, and we can only hope it gets more interesting.

Updated: Acadiana source says Angelle's Super PAC has increased their ad buy attacking Vitter to over $500,000. 

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Scott Angelle Pushing Poll with Questionable Results

Pollster Verne Kennedy has completed a recent survey for Louisiana's Governor's race that he indicates has "a number of errors" and, in fact, does not indicate that Scott Angelle is polling at 18%, but rather at 10%.  It seems that Angelle's camp is using information that is overinflated or, rather, being deceptive.

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Louisiana Gubernatorial Debate Set for Wednesday

Photo source:  The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

A recent piece by NOLA highlights a debate is being scheduled for Wednesday, 6/17/15, at the Alario Center in Jefferson Parish for the gubernatorial candidates in Louisiana's fall elections.  The proceeds from the event will benefit Café Hope, a culinary training program for at-risk youth.

More information can be obtained from Rep. Bryan Adams' office at 504.361.6013 or email

Read more: Louisiana gubernatorial debate set for Wednesday at Alario Center

New Poll Reveals Vitter with 10 Point Lead in Louisiana Governor's Race

The latest MarblePort Polling done in regards to the Louisiana Governor's race shows Vitter widening his lead over his nearest competitor, John Bel Edwards, by 10%.  Vitter has shown consistent support amongst Republicans in the race and leads overall by 37.6% to Bel Edwards' 27.1%.  The other two Republican candidates, Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne and Public Service Commissioner, Scott Angelle, both polling at 14.9% and 5.8% respectively.  The undecided vote is at 14.6%.

The report also references the "Honore' Factor", meaning a potential entrance of retired General Russel Honore'.  With Honore' factored into the polling data, Vitter still maintains a substantial lead, with Honore' polling at 7.4%.

The report was done in conjunction with Scott McKay of The Hayride and his piece on the poll can be seen here.


Photo source:  WBRZ

Photo source: WBRZ

It’s always entertaining to watch political spin on fundraising numbers. But the funny thing about numbers; they don’t lie. Here’s a breakdown of the four gubernatorial candidates.

  • David Vitter raised $1.1 million this quarter and has $4.2 million cash on hand.
  • John Bel Edwards raised $230,000 this quarter and has $894,000 cash on hand.
  • Jay Dardenne raised $518,974.80 this quarter and has $1.8 million cash on hand.
  • Scott Angelle raised $622,000 this quarter and has $1.2 million cash on hand.

Edwards continues to lag in fundraising. Yesterday New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced he was not running for Governor, which may help Edwards’ weak fundraising.

Angelle’s numbers would be respectable, except he’s spent like a liberal Democrat. He spent more than $800,000 this quarter – burning through more than he spent.

Dardenne continues to lag behind in fundraising and in polls. He’s currently in third in fundraising behind Vitter and Angelle, and third in polls behind Vitter and Edwards.

The x-factor in the Governor’s race is that the Fund For Louisiana’s Future (FFLF), a pro-David Vitter Super PAC, raised $700K this quarter, more than each of Vitter’s competitors, and has $3.5 million cash on hand. The FFLF has more to spend that the other two Republicans in the race, Angelle and Dardenne, combined.  

And if you combine Vitter’s earning with the FFLF – they have combined $7.7 million cash on hand.

It's hard to deny these numbers.  Vitter decidedly has the lead in the money game at this point in the Louisiana Governor's race.


If you want to find someone that will continue the legacy of Bobby Jindal, you will find that person in Scott Angelle.  Jindal was an advocate of Common Core and was instrumental in the implementation while in a leadership position in the National Governors Association.  Scott Angelle was also instrumental in getting Common Core passed within the legislature.

While Scott Angelle, candidate for Governor, recently announced that he is opposed to “Common Core “……he said absolutely nothing about whether Louisiana kids should be required to take the PARCC test….OR be subjected to invasive data mining/sharing .

via QUESTIONS FOR CANDIDATES…… START WITH SCOTT ANGELLE – Greater New Orleans Tea Party (Metairie, LA) – Meetup.

Posted on February 26, 2015 .