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Vitter: Senate Democrats Block SAFE Act, Fail to Protect Americans

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-La.) released the following statement upon Senate Democrats blocking the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act (SAFE Act). The SAFE Act creates a process to verify the backgrounds of refugees entering the U.S., ensuring they do not have ties to terrorist organizations.

“The facts are clear. As of right now, the federal government does not have complete and adequate safeguards in place to protect Americans here at home as additional Syrian refugees are admitted into the U.S. We need to achieve a higher standard of safety, secure our borders, and keep out all terrorists, and voting in favor of the SAFE Act is a small step in the right direction to do just that,” said Vitter.

In November 2015, Vitter introduced the Syrian Refugee Verification and Safety Act (S.2284), a bill which would halt the influx of all refugees from Syria until proper measures are in place to verify that each refugee is who they claim to be. Click here to read more.

In September 2015, Vitter sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry demanding detailed information on protocols in place to protect Americans and Louisianians from potentially violent Syrian refugees, citing concerns with insufficient federal oversight in relation to Syrian refugees coming to the United States.

The SAFE Act would require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to take actions necessary to ensure that refugees entering the United States receives a proper background investigation by implementing the following:

·Requiring background checks on any and all individuals who meet the definition of a “covered alien” status: (1) are a national or resident of Iraq or Syria; (2) have no nationality but whose last known residence was Iraq or Syria; or (3) have visited Iraq or Syria after March, 1 2011;

·Instructing the DHS inspector General to conduct annual risk-based reviews of certifications;

·Requiring DHS to disclose to Congress how many “covered alien” refugees apply for and receive admission into the United States.

The SAFE Act would also require that a refugee only be admitted to the United States after DHS, with concurrence from the FBI and the DNI, certifies to Congress that he or she is not such a threat.

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Rob Maness Will Run for Vitter's Senate Seat

Photo source: The Hill

Photo source: The Hill

The Hill is reporting that retired Col. Rob Maness will seek Sen. David Vitter's Senate seat in the upcoming election.  Vitter has announced that he will not seek re-election after his defeat in the recent Louisiana Governor's election.

Per the piece, the following was reported:

Col. Rob Maness, the Tea Party challenger in the 2014 Louisiana Senate race, will mount another Senate bid in 2016. 

Maness declared his intention to fill retiring Republican Sen. David Vitter’s seat in a new filing with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday that lists him as a candidate for the upcoming race. Politico first reported the filing. 


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Rep. John Fleming Announces He's Running for Senate

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

Tea-Party favorite and current Congressman John Fleming from Minden has announced via YouTube his intention to run for the Senate seat that has opened with the recent announcement by David Vitter that he will not seek re-election.  Fleming joins Congressman Charles Boustany from the Acadiana area, who has also stated his intention to seek the seat.  Democrat Mitch Landrieu announced last week that he will not be a candidate.

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Win Against Planned Parenthood Yesterday in the US Senate

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

The Planned Parenthood provision to strip taxpayer funding from the House budget reconciliation bill survived hostile amendments yesterday to refund. Louisiana Family Forum sent an appeal to the U.S. House and Senate regarding this issue.

Louisiana Senators David Vitter and Bill Cassidy both voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Per LFF, the following was achieved with this victory yesterday:

"It not only defunds Planned Parenthood, but it redirects that Federal money to women's health care organizations that provide far greater health benefits to women than Planned Parenthood ever provided, not just because they do not provide abortion, but rather because they offer far more services than Planned Parenthood does, and are more readily available then Planned Parenthood is."

We can only hope this is a sign of more good things to come in the pro-life movement.  Planned Parenthood's vision of the slaughter and sale of body parts is the exact reason why the taxpayers should not be funding this organization and why those resources should be focused elsewhere for women's health.

Vitter, Cassidy, and Boustany Applaud Opening of Lake Charles Interim Veterans Clinic

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senators David Vitter (R-Metairie) and Bill Cassidy, MD, (R-Baton Rouge) and Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., MD, (R-Lafayette) applauded the opening of the Lake Charles VA Interim Clinic on 814 W. McNeese St. The VA is holding an open house to celebrate the clinic’s official opening today from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

Vitter and Boustany wrote to the VA in February asking the Secretary to visit Louisiana and see the facilities firsthand. VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson visited Lafayette and New Orleans later that month at Vitter and Boustany’s request, calling the existing Lafayette clinic “inadequate and unacceptable.” During the Deputy Secretary’s visit to Lafayette in February, he announced that veterans in Lafayette would be granted access to temporary additional clinic space by the VA. After follow-ups from the Louisiana delegation, Gibson authorized additional clinic space for Lake Charles.

Vitter said: “While I’m glad to see my years of hard work with Congressman Boustany have come to fruition with the opening of this much needed VA clinic providing access to quality healthcare for veterans living in Lake Charles, I will not stop pushing until the permanent Lake Charles clinic is up and running, as are the interim and permanent clinics in Lafayette. The veterans of southwest Louisiana have waited long enough.”

Cassidy said: “Securing a lease for a permanent VA clinic and opening the interim clinic are steps in the right direction. Until the clinic opens and starts seeing patients, we must continue to ensure our veterans have access to reliable, quality care in south Louisiana. Making sure the VA fulfills its mission to serve our veterans and not bureaucrats must be one of our highest priorities.”

Boustany said: “When I called for the Secretary of the VA to come to Louisiana to view the conditions where it’s treating our veterans, Deputy Secretary Gibson called the facilities ‘unacceptable.’ Today’s opening is the result of a lot of hard work and diligence from our congressional delegation in holding the VA’s feet to the fire and ensuring our veterans’ needs are met. I’m proud to have led this effort to provide better facilities and expanded services for our South Louisiana veterans, because they’ve earned it.”

Boustany: Senate Announcement Coming Soon

The following email release was sent out from Congressman Charles Boustany's office this morning regarding the US Senate seat that will be opening up with the retirement of Sen. David Vitter:

(Lafayette, LA) – Dr. Charles Boustany, Jr., issued the following statement.

“As a cardiovascular surgeon, I spent nearly thirty years caring for the sick and serving our community. As a United States Congressman, I have achieved the largest legislative repeal of ObamaCare to date, brought two new veterans clinics to Louisiana, stopped congressional leadership from robbing funding for our ports, and led the fight against the Obama Administration’s war on Louisiana energy.

"Louisiana deserves a United States Senator who can lead in times of challenge, offer conservative, workable solutions to complex problems, and bring unity in times of division. After careful deliberation with family and friends, I am planning a formal announcement event in my hometown of Lafayette in the near future. I look forward to outlining my vision for Louisiana and how I intend to help lead our state to the bright future I know lies before us.”

More details on the date and location of Dr. Boustany’s formal announcement event in Lafayette will be made available soon.

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Landry Holds Substantial Lead Over Caldwell; Vitter Has Momentum in Final Days

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

In the final days of the 2015 election, former Congressman Jeff Landry has a substantial lead over the incumbent, Buddy Caldwell, for the Attorney General's office.  Landry is leading in the latest JMC Analytics poll with 18 points, 45% - 27%.  Landry has been focusing hard on the history of corruption and questionable actions of Caldwell, such as the following:

  1. During his initial run for the Attorney General's office, Caldwell made intimidating statements and threats against then Legislative Auditor, Dan Kyle, concerning an investigation into the use of funds in his office as DA in the 6th District.
  2. Several of the public officials that have endorsed the re-election of Caldwell have financial and personal ties to Caldwell and his office.
  3. Caldwell claims to be a Republican, but has a history of cavorting with liberal Democrats.

Vitter has been hitting hard, as of late, on the stance that Edwards has regarding Syrian refugees streaming into the country and the State of Louisiana.  Edwards has changed his stance on this issue after initially supporting the policies set about by President Obama.  The issue has pushed Vitter to within a 4 point race with Edwards, 47% - 44%.

The election is tomorrow.  These two races can determine the direction of the State of Louisiana and can lead us into a conservative direction or put us back on the path of the liberal, good ol' boy politics that we have been trying to shun for years.

John Bel Edwards, aka Rep. "Honor Code", Can't Be Trusted on Anything


John Bel Edwards, aka Rep. "Honor Code", has shown that he cannot be believed on just about anything he says.  As noted on this blog, Rep. "Honor Code" has been found to be less than truthful on several things he's said.  The following are just a couple of dishonest statements from Edwards:

  1. Rep. "Honor Code" claims that former Congressman Cleo "Cash-Stuffer" Fields is not involved in his race.  The truth is, Edwards is paying for commercials being run where Fields is pushing the election of Edwards.
  2. Rep. "Honor Code" claims to be a friend of the oil and gas industry, but is using a commercial that show oil and gas platforms not in Louisiana, but California.
  3. Rep. "Honor Code" claims he never voted for a tax increase, but the vote for the budget last year alone raised taxes on Louisiana taxpayers and businesses by more than $700 million.
  4. Rep. "Honor Code" says he does not support immigration of Syrian refugees, but edited a Facebook post saying that he would work together with Obama on this issue.
  5. Lastly, Rep. "Honor Code" claims to be a conservative and concerned with family values, but missed a forum on faith and family values to attend a fundraiser at an adult club.

Now, with a history of lies, how can we support someone so dishonest?

LOGA (Louisiana Oil and Gas Association) has issued a statement on the record of Rep. "Honor Code" regarding the oil and gas industry:

“During his time as a state representative, Mr. Edwards has an 8% voting record with our association and the bills that we have supported. He has voted for higher taxes, he supports the coastal and parish lawsuits filed against dozens of our companies, and he has said in public that he sees no need for tort reform. Higher taxes, egregious lawsuits, and a litigious legal climate each discourage job growth from our industry. So while his ad says that he will stand up for our industry’s jobs and families, his voting record and his support say just the opposite.”

Edwards' cannot be trusted with the future of Louisiana.  He is not what he makes himself out to be and is not a conservative Louisiana Democrat.  He's a liberal Obama sycophant in bed with the likes of Clinton associate James Carville and the Landrieu family.  We rid ourselves of Mary Landrieu last year when Bill Cassidy was elected.  We cannot go back and allow another Democrat take over our state.

Audio of Cleo Fields Endorsing John Bel Edwards

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

This blog has found audio evidence of John Bel Edwards being endorsed by Cleo "Cash-Stuffing" Fields by robocall in the Baton Rouge area.  This comes out a day after Cajun Conservatism posted photos of push cards being passed out with similar information regarding Fields and Rep. "Honor Code" John Bel Edwards.

Rep. "Honor Code" has been touting his education and military service at West Point for election as governor.  His service should be commended, but it is no longer needed.  Saturday's election is too important to elect another Obama sycophant and we need to elect a true conservative, David Vitter.

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Vitter & Boustany Applaud Lafayette Clinic Campus B Announcement

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

(Washington, DC) – Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana) and Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., MD, (R-South Louisiana) applauded an announcement by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that a contract agreement has been reached for the supplementary healthcare clinic, known as “Campus B,” in Lafayette. This clinic was authorized by VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson after he traveled to Lafayette to visit with local veterans in February 2015 at the request of Boustany and Vitter. Gibson called the existing VA facilities in the community “inadequate and unacceptable” and ordered the VA to begin searching for additional clinic space.

According to the VA, the building will be located at 309 Saint Julien Avenue in Lafayette, Louisiana. Campus B will provide mental health services, with the goal of alleviating overcrowding issues at the current CBOC on Jefferson Street. The facility will also remain open to patients once the new CBOC on Ambassador Caffery Pkwy is completed. Renovations required for Campus B have caused the VA to expect completion of the facility in May 2016. However, the VA explains they will be granted access to temporary space on a different floor of the same building, where they will be able to begin seeing patients while renovations on the remainder of the facility are completed. The VA estimates the temporary space will open for patients within the next several weeks.

Vitter said: “Our brave veterans deserve the best access to healthcare possible — no matter where they live, whether it’s in a big city or a rural area. That’s why I’ve been working with Congressman Boustany to open VA facilities across southwest Louisiana, and today’s announcement will allow us to better serve those who have already given so much for our country and freedoms.”

Boustany said: “I’ve fought hard to ensure our veterans have the best possible facilities and good access to care in Lafayette. Although we experienced delays on this project, Senator Vitter and I have worked hard to hold the VA’s feet to the fire and ensure they continue moving forward on this promised space. I will continue to hold the VA accountable and ensure they adhere to their timeline to provide this new space with expanded services for our veterans.” 


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John Bel Edwards Issues an Ad of Oil and Gas Industry, But with One Problem.....

Buzzfeed has found stock photos used by the John Bel Edwards campaign in one of their latest campaign ads touting the oil and gas industry in the State of Louisiana.  One problem.  The photos were taken of platforms in California.

Per the original piece by Buzzfeed, the Edwards campaign has not responded for comments. 

Yet another instance of a dishonest Democrat.

John Bel Edwards Claims He Never Voted for Tax Increases in the Last Legislative Session

Photo source:  Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

During the gubernatorial debate last night between John Bel Edwards and David Vitter, Rep. Edwards made the claim that he never voted for a tax increase during the 2015 Louisiana Legislative Session.  As noted in the release from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) last night, Edwards voted for more than $700 million in tax increases in the last session:

“Tonight, Rep. Edwards’ rhetoric on tax increases did not match his career voting record,” said Brian Landry, vice president of LABI Political Action. “He claimed he did not support tax increases last session, despite the fact he clearly helped raise them by at least $700 million. He also claimed he supports spending cuts and efficiencies, despite the fact he has vocally opposed them in the Legislature.”

In fact, Edwards did vote for tax increases, as evident in the approval of the final budget, which Edwards supported.

Edwards has a lifetime voting record of 29% with LABI, while Vitter has a lifetime voting record of 95%.  His rhetoric of being a "conservative" doesn't match up with his voting record regarding taxes and he shouldn't be trusted with the future of the Louisiana.  The budget crisis we are facing here in this state cannot be trusted in the hands of another liberal Obama Democrat.

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John Bel Edwards Skips a Discussion on Issues Regarding People of Faith for Fundraiser in a Nightclub

In what we reported yesterday, John Bel Edwards decided to skip a forum sponsored by local churches in Baton Rouge, as well as the Louisiana Baptist Message and the Louisiana Family Forum.  The Hayride has reported that the reason for the absence was due to Edwards' campaign attending a fundraiser at a New Orleans nightclub called Lyve New Orleans.  The Hayride also posted a photo of the Instagram account for this nightclub which is below:

Photo source: The Hayride

Photo source: The Hayride

Edwards has been critical of Vitter's admitted past indiscretions and claims to be a man of "honor", but skips a forum on faith and family issues to attend a fundraiser at a nightclub of this sort?  Is this the "honor code" that Edwards lives by day in and day out? 

Voters need to wake up to the real John Bel Edwards.  He's a Barack Obama liberal and is not the moderate Democrat he makes himself out to be.  The election is less than two weeks away and the same state that rid itself of Mary Landrieu cannot turn this state back over to another Democrat.  Do the right thing and support the real conservative in this race, David Vitter.

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David and Willie

Photo source: YouTube  

Photo source: YouTube  

The Vitter campaign has released another video highlighting Vitter's acknowledged failures, but emphasizing biblical redemption, with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. It also emphasizes needed leadership in Louisiana at this time, with Robertson showing obvious support for the Vitter campaign.   

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A Comparison of the Gubernatorial Candidates and the Issues

Photo source:

Photo source:

You can find a detailed assessment of the candidates and their stances regarding several issues important to the average Louisiana voter here.  Among the highlights of the comparison, the following stand out regarding Vitter and Bel Edwards:

Sen. David Vitter:


  1. Supports Industry Incentives: Supports the oil and gas industry and understands the needs for a competitive and stable tax structure and incentives in order to attract investment to Louisiana. He is open to the idea of bringing back the inactive well incentive.
  2. Against Abusive Lawsuits: Supports the industry’s efforts to bring common sense solutions to end abusive lawsuits that have cost the state tens of thousands of jobs and millions in incentives and have resulted in little to no environmental remediation.
  3. Opposed Levee Board Lawsuit: Supported industry efforts to oppose and end the $10 billion lawsuit against 99 oil and gas companies that was filed by a renegade levee board.
  4. Supports the Office of Conservation: Supports the Office of Conservation as the primary regulatory authority to issue oil and gas permits. He continually supports the efforts of Helis in St. Tammany Parish against small pocket groups of environmentalists that want to ban drilling in their parish.
  5. Fought the Obama Agenda: He led the fight against amnesty for illegals, funding for Planned Parenthood, higher taxes, and spending.
  6. Strongly opposed to Obamacare: Vitter passed legislation to force Obama and Congress to participate themselves in Obamacare. He also refused lucrative taxpayer funded subsidy for himself.
  7. Strong Pro-Second Amendment Advocate: The only candidate rated A+ by the NRA and endorsed by Gun Owners of America.

Rep. John Bel Edwards:

  1. Opposes Incentives: Wants to repeal the horizontal investment incentive that will discourage investment in the most active areas of the state like the Haynesville Shale, the Cotton Valley and ultimately the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.
  2. Opposes Solutions to Lawsuits: Has opposed every effort by the industry to bring resolution to the Legacy Lawsuit issue through the legislative process.
  3. Opposed Any Legislative Effort to End Suit: Opposed every legislative effort brought by industry to bring an end to the abusive lawsuit brought by the Levee Board.
  4. Supports Efforts of Local Government to Sue: Supports the efforts of local government to sue the Office of Conservation and numerous oil and gas companies in order to block drilling in their parish, granting control to local government over the oil and gas industry.
  5. Edwards is All-in for Obama: Voted for Obama twice; personally nominated Obama again in 2012 at the Democratic National Convention.
  6. Strongly Supports Obamacare: Edwards voted multiple times in support of key Obamacare provisions.
  7. Weak on the Second Amendment: Edwards voted numerous times in support of government restrictions on gun rights.


John Bel Edwards Will Not Be Attending Forum in Baton Rouge Tonight

The following email was sent to various sources last night advising that the Bel Edwards campaign will not be taking part in a discussion on social and economic issues important to people of faith scheduled for Thursday, 11/12/15 in Baton Rouge. 

We have been informed by the Edwards campaign that he will not be in attendance.  We still welcome your attendance at the even as we believe the issues which will be discussed are of great interest to Louisianians. In addition, the event will be streamed live at  

Jefferson Baptist Church, The Louisiana Baptist Message, The Louisiana Family Forum, and Woodlawn Baptist Church have invited both Sen. David Vitter and Rep. John Bel Edwards to this forum.  Vitter has already committed to attending.

Is the reason that Bel Edwards won't be in attendance tonight because he is uncomfortable answering questions from people of faith or have to defend his support of Democrats who are openly opposed to these faith policies?  Just a thought................

Louisiana Governor's Forum in Baton Rouge

A debate has been scheduled for this Thursday, November 12, 2015, between Rep. John Bel Edwards and Sen. David Vitter. This debate is sponsored by local churches in Baton Rouge as well as the Louisiana Baptist Message and the Louisiana Family Forum.  This debate will cover social and economic issues important to people of faith and will be moderated by Lewis Richerson, Lead Pastor at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, and Will Hall, Editor of the Louisiana Baptist Message in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Sen. Vitter has confirmed his attendance at this meeting, but as of this post, Bel Edwards' campaign has yet to respond.

Just How Low Will John Bel Go and the Military Mom Who Spoke Up

Photo source: NOLA

Photo source: NOLA

If there was any doubt on how low the Democrats will go in order to win the Governor's Office in Louisiana, it was evident this past weekend when John Bel Edwards' campaign released what amounts to, in my words, pure filth.  The accusation by his campaign was that Sen. Vitter put "prostitutes over patriots" while in DC.  In what has to be felt as a proverbial slap in the face, a mother of a slain guardsman is requesting that the video be pulled because of how offensive it really is.

Sen. Vitter has been a staunch advocate for the military.  Vitter, in this particular instance, was able to secure an exemption for this fallen soldier's burial at Arlington.  He was initially denied this honor because his death did not occur in the line of duty, but Vitter ensured that he was given appropriate honor by securing this exemption.

For someone going about promoting his "honor", this is about the most dishonorable thing that could be done by a campaign.  The Democrats and John Bel Edwards should immediately apologize to veterans and their families and this video needs to be taken down, for the sake of "honor."

The Official Litmus Test of the True Conservative

'A House Divided' Revisited - A Letter to Authentic Conservatives of Louisiana

Photo source:

Photo source:

In 1858, a young America found itself on the verge of disintegrating into the annals of history to join the likes of Rome. Knowing well the stakes were of the highest sort, President Abraham Lincoln, resolved as ever, prevented the eternal downfall of our country by turning to - among other things - a simple truism that was (is) paramount, timeless and universal in nature.  In an historic speech, President Lincoln warned the people of the United States exactly as Jesus once warned his disciples, telling the nation, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  We all know the rest of the story (or at least we all should).  Now, 157 years later, we Louisiana conservatives find ourselves cast in the lead roles of our own collective story of a house divided amongst three conservative gubernatorial candidates and their respective supporters.  Because our current scenario is also one with vast implications, my fear is that, at the individual level, idealism could carry the day over pragmatism.  This would result in – by default - the handing over of victory to the true opposition by way of a silent minority.  I find that possibility unbelievably unsettling.  Therefore, I challenge anyone dwelling in this political purgatory to act out of reason rather than dogma in this critically polarized run-off.

To ensure victory for Senator David Vitter in the upcoming run-off is to ensure victory for every conservative stakeholder in Louisiana.  Yet - in light of recent news - I have deep concerns that the simplicity of this observation could potentially be lost on enough primary supporters of Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne and Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle to indirectly elect as our next Governor a man who actually nominated Barrack Obama for a second term...after witnessing the train wreck that was his first term! Take a moment to let that sink in...

If there is one thing that, in theory, all conservatives have in common, it is the recognition that President Obama’s agenda has sought to erode the foundation of our country and systematically destroy the American way of life.  Therefore, it should be a foregone conclusion that conservatives will do whatever is within their powers to counteract any and all further proliferation of the Obama agenda up-to and including serving defeat to any candidate for high public office who had any part in giving this man the Presidency the first time (much less the second!).  So why are we left with questionable uncertainty as to whether Dardenne's supporters and Angelle and his voters will now be backing David Vitter with an official public endorsement and at the polls? I believe, for many, the answer to this question is rooted in a fallacious allegiance we, as humans, tend to have towards our individual idealisms.  To our dismay, however, idealism only succeeds outside of our current reality and at the expense of real-world solutions.

One need not be Dr. Ben Carson to see that some portion of Dardenne and Angelle backers are disenchanted with the outcome of the primary.  That is to be expected, but such a reaction among voters in this cliché scenario certainly is not exceptional. After a competitive primary where candidates routinely tear each other down, there is always to be expected negative emotional aftermath.  Rejection has occurred for some people at the “expense” of a selection which has been made by the selectors. The selection almost instinctively becomes the negative outlet for the suffering felt by the rejected (See: Dardenne officially endorses Edwards). It is at this very juncture where we as conservatives must lead from that part within us which makes us the complete opposite of liberals to begin with: reason! Perhaps Thomas Sowell better captures the sentiment in which I am here trying to impart when he wrote, “Wishful thinking is not idealism.  It is self-indulgence at best and self-exaltation at worst.  In either case, it is usually at the expense of others.  In other words, it is the opposite of idealism.”  I think we can guess as to what Sowell would say of Dardenne's recent betrayal...  Still, I wonder: what portion of voters who pulled the lever for Dardenne or Angelle last month could be caught up in a similar state of self-indulgent idealism to the point they become, in the eyes of their own party, "traitors?"  I pray that number will turn out to be 0% after the election returns are in... 

Some may retort that my entreaty to every single one of Dardenne’s and Angelle’s supporters (and to Mr. Angelle himself) is null because I am a primary supporter of David Vitter for Governor.  Even in that sense, they would be largely mistaken.  I give my word that, if our current scenario were altered whereby I voted for Vitter (which I did), but either Dardenne or Angelle became the nominee, I would not only vote for whichever gentleman was the nominee, but would go to great lengths to ensure that I convinced every primary Vitter supporter I could find to vote for our party's nominee.  Reason, again, dictates that success is achieved by focusing on solutions rather than “problems.”

I present one final alternative way of looking at this situation in general:  most of us (including myself) can easily lose site of the actual “who” and “what” for which we are voting in the first place.  It’s easy to think that we are voting for a person – a candidate – alone.  Yet the reality is that we are voting for each other concurrently.  When I think of all the candidates whom we've elected who is (also) “voting” for us, I think of Senator David Vitter.  I could be no more pleased with the representation he has made for us in the Senate with his solid, consistent record of representation of his constituency.  How rare is that? Still, I am completely confident that he will make an even better Governor.  We have yet to see the best of Vitter.  I have no doubt!

For anyone still left with a sigh at this point, here is the hard line in the sand, which William F. Buckley, Jr. gave me the words to draw:  “Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.”  Despite our individual ideal outcomes for this race, we are now – like it or not – standing on the ledge of reality.  Since we know what that reality is, we then know the cost of Dardenne, Angelle and their respective supporters not rallying behind David Vitter for Governor because they hoped for a different primary outcome.  That cost would indeed be prohibitive. For one, by withholding support for the sake of making a point will be self-sabotaging for all who do so (join Dardenne at your own risk).  Do I have to even enumerate the myriad of ways in which this is true to my fellow conservatives?  Another - and arguably far worse - reason why not lending full support to Vitter is inherently prohibitive is that such a position (or lack thereof) would be held at the expense of others whom do not deserve to be subjected to such victimization over what is, now, irrelevant (but destructive) political posturing.

I think I speak on behalf of the conservative majority – silent and/or vocal – in applauding the Public Service Commissioner and all of his and Dardenne's supporters for adjusting their sails and pointing the bow of their ships northward.  Louisiana will be all the better for it!  Let's not lose this big-league election because of a small (but still large enough) part of our extended conservative family spent too much time majoring in the minors.  The time for grieving has passed.  It's time now to look toward our future.


Spencer Drury, MBA

St. Francisville